Opening account no email

Hi, I just tried to open a Netherlands Revolut account. It comes to “Awesome! You took the first step to open your account. Your account will be ready soon, so be on the lookout for an email from us in your inbox!”.

I did not receive any email (you did not even ask for it). How long do I have to wait? I’ve tried to sing up etc. Nothing worked, so I wait for more than 2 months.


Hello @Diana171819 Welcome to the community. :wave:

We apologize for the frustration this has caused. Since it’s been over two months and the Netherlands is a supported country, I’d recommend restarting the account opening process. You can request Revolut to close the incomplete application and then proceed with a fresh signup.

You can initiate the closure by contacting us on Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team

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