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I would like to add feedback in regards to crypto currency. After reading lots of reviews and revoluts customer problems, i became quite concerned, given the amount of funds i have in my crypto currency wallet that revolut hold. Its now become clear after speaking to a revolut agent over the period of an hour or so, that if my crypto gains in value, revolut will not pay out! I was constantly told of the ‘dangers’ of trading crypto (which im fully aware of). All i wanted from the agent was a clear YES or NO. My repeated question was ‘‘If my crypto gains significant value, will revolut allow me to cash out, ie if i sell it, will you pay me the money’’. The answer was constantly dodged and was repeatedly told to read the terms and conditions? After speaking to other customers of revolut, its now obvious they will NOT pay out and will freeze your account if it does gain in value. No matter how many times i ask (so called) customer services they will not give me a clear answer.

So this is a warning to anyone holding crypto with these con artists. SELL IT! And buy your crypto with another reliable and honest exchange…

for balance, the terms and conditions are reproduced here:

I see nothing there that supports your incorrect expression of fraud or misappropriation of funds by Revolut.


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what if unable to get chat option just reflected try again later already money stuck in account

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I can help you with that

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@Emilia, I am really sorry for the problem you are facing right now. Can you please contact us by social media so that we can look into your issue? :thinking:

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Just going to throw in my two pence. I’ve been a customer since 2019 and have used my account in the UK and all across Latin America - Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico etc.

I’ve received money from friends in these countries and transferred money in and out frequently.

I’ve had an instance of fraud on my account and Revolut responded promptly, reissued my card without fee and refunded the transactions.

I also raised a dispute/chargeback on an Uber eats delivery that never arrived. All I had was call logs showing I attempted to call the restaurant. That was it. They refunded me.

My account was also restricted once when I received a payment from a Colombian bank account but upon providing proof that it was a friend, it was unrestricted a few days later.

A good point was made in this thread earlier that these banks such as Revolut haven’t got the years of customer data (spending patterns for example) that many mainstream Banks have thus can appear more trigger happy in applying reviews to the account.

Overall though, I’m very happy with Revolut. I keep about 60% of my money here. I do also keep a few months worth of expenses in another account should my account with Revolut be restricted for a while.

Tl;dr - very happy. Polite agents, helpful when needed. Rarely needed though as majority can be done self service through app


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Hi, I am Anthony Bergamo, residing in the United States. I heard about Revolut from a friend who travels a lot but i never wanted it because i do not travel and i was skeptical about online banks where i can not have to go see the manager and have other discussions regarding services. Why am i here today? I had to send over $100k to a business partner who runs an investment company, he resides in UK but i was surprised he gave me a US Bank account.

After sending him the money which left my account immediately the next day he contacted me (June 28 2023) that the money has been reversed back and for whatever reason he does not know. He actually sent me a screenshot did a video recording of his account and i was no problem i will wire again he should give me another account. After 5 days i did not receive this funds that was sent back, i got curious and asked him to call the bank and that was when he told me the bank is Revolut and he can only chat with them, WOW, after his chat he sent me a screenshot and they said 3 - 5 days i should receive the money.

It has been 22 days now and i have not received my money back in my account, Revolut has not been any help in giving him some swift advice or confirmation receipt of the funds being returned back to my account, what do i do now?

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Unfortunately, to resolve your problem, we need to check some details for which I would request you to kindly contact our social media team here so that they can help you individually. :hammer_and_wrench:

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Thank you @SG.Mandal i sure will contact them because i already did communicate with them on twitter but nobody was responding back to me.

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Hello there,

I tried to report the following bug to the support in the app. I bounced between teams and people going in circles, it seemed like nobody wants to take a simple bug report. After answering questions of 14 people (not exaggerating) and showing them over and over which transaction was affected (which is kind of irrelevant in this case) the bug did not get recorded anywhere. The whole ordeal took 12 hours…
The bug is that if you want to pay with your revolut card for a transaction that exceeds your balance, and you try to top-up, there’s a feature to ‘add money to spend later’ which doesn’t work. Instead of adding more money to the top-up, it subtracts from the top-up amount. Naturally, after the successful top-up, the original transaction will fail due to insufficient balance. A pretty easy fix, you just need to flip a sign somewhere in the code. Otherwise the feature doesn’t work and even worse your transaction will fail too.
Please fix the bug and also make sure that there’s a safeguard in the support chat that prevents going into an infinite loop. E.g. after this many redirects between teams it gets escalated, or some other mechanism.


I’ve used this successfully.

  1. I used Revolut to pay for something online.
  2. The merchant website showed the interface for SCA.
  3. I switched to the Revolut app to confirm the payment. Instead the Revolut app showed “insufficient funds” and offered to top-up the account.
  4. I topped up successfully with Apple Pay.
  5. After the top-up, the app allowed me to confirm the payment.
  6. The merchant website showed a completed transaction.

I thought this is a pretty cool UX flow.

You could maybe clarify this with an example. It’s not clear to me what exactly failed, why and how you were not able to top-up.


Welcome to our community @klomping :wave:. I am sorry to hear about the experience. :frowning_face: Kindly understand we don’t have any intention behind this unfortunate situation. :pray: As Frank suggested can you please clarify this bug with an example so that we can guide you to the right way? :thinking:

@Frank, Thank you for helping out with this. :star:

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I sent a bug with the widget 18 October
Still waiting
CSRB-669904 Revolut: Update to your request

Samsung responded, contact Revolut

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I am really sorry that you have not received any response till now. Let me DM you. :pray:

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