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You can use the “forgot my passcode” option to change it.

it does not work

how i can do without nothing ?

If possible, try this on a 2nd device with the app installed. (You can also log out on your active device, but I am hesitant in recommending this at this point.)

Hi @DanielBarbour and welcome
There are a number of ways to contact :r: outside the app which are outlined in [this topic] which you might like to read through.
To be honest, you might find a better and more speedy outcome by just complying with the request. This is a user forum and members here can only speculate as to the reasons which might not be at all helpful and delay matters further for you.
As to why your account has been selected for a contrôle is academic but since it has, you need to comply. What triggered it is unlikely to be discussed with you.
I hope you get the matter resolved speedily and in a timely fashion for your travel needs.

Did you see the recent post made today (Dec 19 22) by @Mariana_Rodrigues which you can refer to [here] for convenience?

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My account has been restricted with 17 000€ in it and i can’t do anything, not even withdrawn my money to my actual bank…
The support can’t tell me anything nor ask for verification documents.
It’s extremely stressful because i just started to use revolut as my main bank and already regret it.
If anyone can help id be grateful

Hi @Yeris and welcome
If the reason your account has been restricted is because they are conducting money laundering investigations they are forbidden by law to tell you very much at this stage until their work is complete nor to return or give access to your money at this stage.
Be assured though that when they have concluded their investigations and you have complied with any requests they have made to you, they will advise you accordingly.

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i see… I got money from my mum about my father’s death how can it be money laundering we litteraly share the same name i dont get it…
Why can’t they just send the money back or ask me for documents it just doesn’t make sens to me.
Do you know how long they are able to hold my money back ? Because it seems like this gonna ruin my holiday trip for christmas.

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This is a user forum, I don’t make the rules nor can I influence how they are applied - just that I have guessed the possible reason, no more than that.
As to time scale, I have no idea either but whatever the reason, I doubt they will keep you waiting longer than is necessary.
Sorry I can’t help further. I can only offer possible explanations, no more.

Good morning.

I have a question and am unsure whether I should start a new topic, would it be ok for me to send in DM first?

Hi @Jesus2022 and welcome
Post your question here by all means and if necessary, I or one of the other members with the correct permissions will move it to an appropriate place.

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Customer since 2017, Metal AND free plan, I can see Customer Support deteriorating really fast.

Agents seem more and more prone to just send pre-made answers. Not sure they read what I tell them. They ask for information I told them 3 messages earlier.

They do NOT understand my problems, they give me unrelated solutions. Telling me to uninstall/reinstall app before going further. Telling me that the chat remains open, then closing it.

And when we finally agree on what the problem is (which doesn’t always happen), they just tell that they can’t do anything about it. Aren’t they supposed to pass it to specialized teams ? But they don’t. And I sit here with my problem.

It really is a great source of concern for me, would a real problem arise with my account.

Hello everyone
My boss sent money from his Revolut account to my Payoneer UK(GBP) receiving account on December 28th, 2022 and I have not received the payment yet.
Please what could be the problem?
Can Revolut send money to Payoneer account?

No reason why not if the correct account details are provided.
If you are a :r: customer, why not get him to send the money to your :r: account?

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You can send money from Revolut to Payoneer and vice versa. In general investigations for “lost” payments are initiated by the sending bank/Institution (not just in case of Revolut). Short of having written proof of receipt by your bank, there’s very little you can do as a recipient, even though it may very well be that the receiving bank “misplaced” the funds or started a money laundering investigation. The sender (your boss) has to start the process.

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Thank you for explanation

Please let me know if this payment receipt resembles a Revolut payment receipt… This is the payment receipt I receive to confirm he sent some money to my GBP receiving account.

For me is very negative. I have made an international transfer and I received KYC questions from three different staff members. Now after having answered the last question the staff member who was chatting with me disappeared leaving the chat and my case open. I cannot reach anybody else since there is no function to open a new chat. I am basically stuck till this guy comes back from holiday… It is very unprofessional. Revolut doesn’t have any phone number to call; if even the chats don’t work, then it is impossible to have any sort of customer support… I am thinking to close the account with Revolut.

For me, what little experience I have had with Revolut customer support has to go down as being negative. I have been trying to sign up on my phone for a new standard account since Monday 2nd of January and nobody has been able to reply to my messages.

When I open the app, I get a message reading ’ We’re verifying your identity, please check back later!'. During the sign up process I uploaded pictures of my verification document as requested, but I got a message within 15 minutes telling me that I need to provide a different document. I have been replying to this original message for 5 days now and all I can see in my chat is that Revolut is ‘Looking for an agent …’.

I don’t understand how it could take customer services 5 days to find an agent to reply to my messages. There’s no option for me to cancel my application either as I am very frustrated with the whole signing up for a Revolut account!

It doesn’t resemble anything I can get out of my Revolut Business account, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake. It may very well be from their accounting system or something similar which is linked via open banking to the Revolut account. The exact wording “Order number” instead of “Reference” makes me think it’s some sort of third party software.

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