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My name’s Badr and I am a UX Researcher at Revolut. My goal is to understand the frictions you may be facing while using Revolut and interacting with the Support (FAQ, Chat, other support requests) so we can improve those and be more relevant to you.

Here is a generic question looking for specific answers. Have you had any recent experience with Revolut’s support? How was it?

Whether it was good or bad, could you share what you enjoyed about it or rather what issue you faced?In any case, could you also elaborate on why you think it was either positive or negative?


My rate for the revolut customer is is negative as it can be and do they get me wrong till you read my story.

Till now I still have more than a 1000 USD penned in my dollar account in revolut since November 14th.

Of course I contacted the customer service and imagine I have had > 15 customer service agents so far and all of them have limited access to anything that is useful to my case. I have been apologised to a lot and thanked for understanding but no explanation of the reason why the money is pending or what is going on exactly.

The only thing am getting from the customer service is that they contacted team x to try solve the problem or for an update and that they are prioritising my case but all of this is definitely bullshit and just buying time instead of actually getting the customer agents to have access to be able to solve problems.

God my experience is horrible that I am waiting for the money just to transfer it and then am deleting my account completely.

Nothing is convenient and I have filed a formal complaint 13 days ago with no response so far and the ombudsman in the uk can’t really make a move till there is a final response from the complaint.

Absolutely will never recommend revolut to anyone because of the inconvenience and unreliability and irresponsibility from revolut about people’s money.

I am in med school and have been super stressed and don’t have money for my rent or food for 3 days now because of the pending situation.

Definitely the whole customer service needs a changeover and increase access


@MoElbanna I’m sure @Bflal will respond in some way in due course but in the meantime, you might like to have a look through [this article] which concerns money laundering and also [this topic] which outlines the market beating AI being developed by :r: which outlines how Revolut keeps you and your money safe.

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I get the precautions have to be taken in order to protect customers and their money but I have a problem with the speed and efficiency these procedures are taken.

My local bank in Hungary would ask about all kinda things like an SOF and all kinda security procedure ensuring financial safety but they will legit to that in 2 days maximum if not on the spot.

I don’t wanna people get pity and sorry for me here but in the last 18 days of revolut’s inefficiency in dealing with my pending money situation, I had to borrow money for rent and food and I can’t register for my exams in uni so far because of the instalment I have to pay from the pending money.

Protect your customer and their money but don’t lie about frame time being 3-5 business days for reviewing and processing money while you take 18 days and counting more.

Putting people in real financial issue because of a delay and security without taking the speed factor in consideration is just absurd.


@Graham_Lees is a customer like you and me. He’s not working for Revolut. He’s not lying about anything to you. This is a public user community here. Most of the time, you’re addressing other users.

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Yes, sadly, it sounds like typical Revolut :confused:
Lack of efficiency from :r: side is a huge mistake :expressionless:


I completely agree with you. I think the lack of accountability and transparency is the real issue. The advisors clearly have scripts they copy and paste and are only there to stall customers from complaining. I am in the middle of a chargeback claim raised on 08/11/22. The merchant accepted the dispute on 11/11/22 and refunded the funds and even provided proof which I also sent to Revolut but I have been told by over 10 advisors that they have not had a response. When asking why or inquiring whether something may be wrong here, they cannot tell me anything more. Well, what is your actual job then?? They definitely have to improve their customer service and have phone lines as chatting with a person and then their shift suddenly coming to an end is so frustrating…


You must remember that there are different jurisdictions at play here with differing levels of intervention.
The fact that one jurisdiction appears to be operating with “better speed and efficiency” is not necessarily a correct indicator on which to rely - indeed, exactly the opposite may actually be the case in reality.

Just to be clear. In the jurisdiction in which I live - France - it is extremely difficult to open a bank account since each application has to be placed before the Banque de France for authorisation. If you disrespect their rules, the account facility can be withdrawn. That is not something to be concerned about. Indeed, quite the opposite. It is a huge reassurance to me that banking conduct is correct and above board.
Further more, banks are expressly forbidden to disclose to you what triggers are in place for money laundering requirements to be met. Moreover, they are not at liberty to discuss with you why they are withholding funds nor can they release the funds on their own volition once held before clearance can be given.

If :r: are following the rules, that surely must be a huge reassurance to its customer base - me included - that everything possible is being done to protect our interests.

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I understand your point. To be honest, I didn’t know most of the things you are aware of which of course is good to know as a customer of any bank.

Customer protection is very important and I thank you for explaining this point to me.

My only comment here is that customer service just need to have more accessibility to serve the customer properly and actually solve the problem. I don’t get why would a bank put the front line as people who just apologise to you and thank you for being understanding. Any bank I’ve dealt with would have their customer support accessing your account and can actually help you with almost any emergency matter.

Sometimes you need to go to the branch to solve a certain problem but for revolut’s case without a physical bank and without a number to call their customer service as a front line should be as helpful as much as it can be and not the opposite.

I understand you are a customer as me and thank you for clearing somethings to me I wasn’t aware of but if you’d see my customer service chat, you’d see why I am mad at them for being useless in an impossible way.


Quite simple really. They are on pain of imprisonment and/or hefty fines for disclosing information they should not do - or are not at liberty to. This was made apparent to me when I ran a business in the UK. My accountant was most insistent that if he found or suspected evidence of certain things going through my accounts he was under notice to tell the authorities and not me. If he told me, he would suffer penalties including fines or imprisonment and would well lose his licence to practice. That is quite severe and just goes to show the importance that is given to this issue.

So called Bricks and Mortar branches are tied in the same way. Perhaps it helps that some nice young fragrant Bank employee is seen to be smiling at you which provides for better reassurance but the net effect is the same.
:r: has a better charging mechanism for its services by being online. Just consider how much less value you get from Brick and Mortar banks for currency Forex.

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@MoElbanna I agree with you that this situation is frustrating and considering Revolut’s international customer base with lots of expats and foreign students, they should improve customer service for these cases.

Having said this, it’s not that trivial.

In rare cases, customer support is not allowed by law to discuss what’s going on with the customer. “Sorry we’re doing some checks, no clue when they will be done” is literally the only thing they can say. Money laundering checks can be tedious. Sometimes, they’re waiting for a third party to respond. Each case is different, telling resolution times might be hard, next to impossible. Also, they don’t know the outcome yet. If they find evidence that suggests money laundering, they’re obliged to inform financial crime units in their jurisdiction. What they could tell you is what an average resolution time for similar cases is. But when your case takes longer than average, aren’t you then freaking out even more?

Revolut’s customer support has specialised teams. The every day “front line” CS agents can’t advance a money laundering case. (I doubt that other banks rely on their frontline CS for this.) They’re waiting like you to get informations from the dedicated team. And this is where Revolut most likely can improve. Is there a backlog currently? Or is there something else that delays a decision in your case? I have no idea.

International fintechs all suffer from similar problems: they need to reduce costs for customer support. They are targeted disproportionately by criminals (money mules, money laundering, identity theft … ) and they usually don’t know their customers that well. They might not have a decade long relationship with you, knowing your spending and earning patterns.

I know this is too late now and does not help you in your current situation. But whenever you’re starting a new customer relationship with a fintech, keep in mind that security checks like this happen with all of them. Revolut, Wise … – just google “blocked account Wise”. And have a backup plan. Like sending money in chunks using a second transfer service when one of them delays a transfer.


I have a very serious problem, I can’t access my money for a week! I can’t withdraw anything from the ATM, and when I want to make a transfer, it always says “Your account is limited”!
I immediately contacted support but I didn’t get a real answer, it said the problem was being worked on and that they would contact me? But that was a week ago and I still don’t know anything?? how can it be that I have to live without money for a week and am not even informed about the current status? what can it take so long? i just want to know why my account got blocked and how i can unblock it as soon as possible!

Hi @adi2411 and welcome.
I’ve moved your post to another topic where the recent answers provided may help you understand the possible issue.

Thank you for mentioning this point which make me of course more aware of the whole process and the system of banks generally.

I wasn’t just aware of all of these situations with pending money and money laundry checks because I have had a bank account for 8 years and I’ve never encountered such a thing.

I guess I am of course mad at them because I use revolut mostly only for transferring my tuition fee and I receive my money from my own account in Hungary so it was just weird for me that outta sudden it’s pending and it’s taking that much time which I am still convinced is very slow compared to a normal bank service.

Revolut is the only bank I have dealt with that does their check ups half way and can disturb someone’s life like that. Revolut ask for an ID in the beginning and that’s it and of course I don’t blame them for not suspecting things half way as they should ask for SOF and student status to make convenient categorisation for the customers.

I recieve my money from my acount in hungary- transfer it to revolut- transfer it to the uni.

If they would have had all the info about me from the beginning, I doubt they would have to doubt me halfway and disturb my life that way.

Definitely revolut is a good bank but they need better listening to the customers and definitely time is more valuable than anything else so they should speed things up.

Comparing banks is tricky here. As far as I understand, you used different banks for different things. It’s just more likely to encounter money laundering checks when doing mainly international transfers. That’s different from KYC, know your customer identification, when opening an account.

Fingers crossed it’s resolved soon.


Hi, I couldn’t find a way to open this topic.
I had a revolut account which I closed. How can I contact support after closing my account since I can no longer access the chat?

Thank you

There are a number of ways to contact Revolut outside the app.
[This topic] explains how.

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I am having constant issues with Mastercard top ups.

I have tried multiple cards from large and small banks. (5/3 bank and Capital One)

The address matches.

I have tried with and without Apple Pay.

I am not trying to use a credit card.

Sending money to Visa cards works just fine (non Revolut), but it will not let me send to a Mastercard.

I am in the USA.

The bank is not even receiving the transactions, as my bank shows me all declined transactions.

My revolut card is a visa.

the problems have not been resolved. and I’m quite upset.
If by the end of the year this is still the case, I will close the account.
First problem: several people cannot send me a transfer by link or scan.
Second problem: I don’t know how to find the pin code used to open the application on the web; since I use the fingerprint on my mobile phone.
The cat does not respond to my 2 problems, and it is quite annoying not to have a human who can help me solve them.

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There’s no way to retrieve this code. It’s the code you chose when setting up the account, before setting up fingerprint login.

You can use the “forgot my passcode” option to change it.

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