Open Banking transfers to Revolut - balance unclear

I just found a disturbing display on the Open banking system. I have an account from a French bank (SG) linked to my Revolut account. Some € on it, which I want to send to Revolut. So I click the “Sent to Revolut” button.

But then, when I want to enter the amount, the balance (so what I understand to be the max amount) isn’t the amount available on my other bank account, it’s the one of my Revolut account.

It’s very confusing : am I sending money from SG to Revolut, or from Revolut to SG ?

EDIT : yeah okay the second screenshot is messed up (or actually it’s a protection feature). Trust me when I say : the “Balance” amount displayed is the amount on my Revolut account, not on my SG account.

Hi @CelianGdfrd :wave: Welcome to our community.

I am so sorry to hear about this, there is nothing much we can do here :frowning_face: Please feel free to contact our support team in the app chat for further assistance.

Hope this helps :smiling_face:

Veda | Community Team

I’m not asking for a solution here, just reporting the bug.

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I have a problem with money transfer, and your employee doesn’t answer me In the chat