Open Banking Linked Accounts

My linked credit card is shown as +ve and so added to the balance; it should -ve and subtracted from the balance.


Another update and still the same :frowning:

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Is there any way to remove revolut top ups from the analytics or at least show the incoming one? The problem is that in my analytics I have revolut top ups as expenses from my bank account. So the analytics are not correct for me.


I would love this to be a thing. Always confusing to see top ups as expenses when they are net zero until spent through Revolut


Open Banking was just made available in Ireland. June 2020 and the first thing I noticed is exactly that. Top ups appear as expenses.

Also: not being enable to change the category of the expense (e.g. for a transfer). If you can’t do that then the whole budgeting is useless.

Unless those are fixed, Open Banking to me is causing more problems.


Has anyone come back to you on this, I just linked my accounts however the transactions in my linked accounts are 1.not showing as the card is used. And 2. I cannot assign a category to the transaction? Or am I missing something?


I am facing the same problem. All expenses made through Revolut are double counted: a first time when transfers are made from the bank account to Revolut account, and then again when they are spent through Revolut.

An easy fix would be to be to allow viewing the Revolut account and the linked bank account separately, but this is not currently possible (or did I miss anything)?

As of now this is just very confusing and makes the linked bank account useless.

I have the same issue when I added Linked Accounts it missed up my Budgeting and I can’t change the category for any linked account transaction.

One workaround I found is to filter the analysis page to only show Revolut. However if I need to adjust a category spending limit I have to clear the filter -> adjust the category -> enable the filter to show only Revolut again which is very annoying.

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Still cannot change category and split bills of a linked account throws me an error

stil not haven open banking in luxemboug, is it possible to transfer money with open banking ?

Same for me. I regularly try to link my bank account and see if we can change category or exclude some payment and have a proper analytics on the linked account since they offer the feature. But still getting that deception that nothing has changed and i keep removing that link as it is nothing but useless without the analytics.

I hope they’ll get it fixed soon

I cant create a new topic so replying to this as it is related to Open Banking. I use Money Dashboard, and it has access to all my currency accounts, but it cannot see my vaults or my BTC or trading accounts. I use the savings vault, and I would like to see this in Money Dashboard as it gives me an overall understanding of my net wealth. Please make vaults (and if possible trading accounts) available for Open Banking.

Open Banking only relates to “payment accounts” so vaults and trading accounts are excluded. Money Dashboard used to be able to access various deposit accounts but this annoyingly disappeared when Open Banking started. Initially in Open Banking only current accounts are included with some savings accounts expected to be allowed in the future. As BTC can be used as a payment account there is no reason why this could not be included.

It’s up to the bank to allow API access to all kinds of accounts. It’s correct that only access to payment accounts is mandatory under “open banking” (PDS2) regulation, but many providers allow access to more features.

Revolut already allows access to vaults via their open banking API. When initially setting up access, one can select currency wallets (e.g. GBP, but not USD, or all) and also vaults. I am currently accessing three wallets and two vaults with a multibanking app that uses the open banking API.

If vaults don’t show up, it might be worth a try to renew the open banking access. And also the third party that wants to integrate vaults might have to refresh the account list.

(It’s very likely that savings vaults – with interest –, and regular vaults are treated differently. Savings vaults, after all, is an integration with a third party that provides this functionality while regular vaults are a Revolut core feature.)

When adding linked accounts if you have two bank accounts with one bank does it automatically link both of those as it seems to be only letting me link one account not both of them to my Revolut account.