Open API Exchange Feature

Hey, I’ve read the Open API docs and it doesn’t seem that I can do exchange.
There is a transfer endpoint, but it says it needs accounts in the same currency.

Even access to the exchange rates would help a lot!

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not the same but might help you in the meantime.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that service.

I already got an answer that exchange api is on the roadmap.

Is the service you sent what revolut uses internally? for exchange rates?

i don’t know who does revolut use for the rates, but both claim interbanking rates… except on weekends in revolut’s case.

Hi @ctoma2005 !

I can confirm that exchange feature is not yet implemented in the business API. As far as our rate provider is concerned, it is Morning Star. More on the exchanges can be found here:

Hope it helps!

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Hey,thanks for the answer.

Since my new opened ticked is still moderated, can you please tell me if the open API supports CORS ? This is a deal breaker and I think it’s a bug


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