"Oops! Your card failed Address Verification check"



I am trying to add a new Top Up debit card.

I get the error message below. After getting it several times, I actually downloaded my bank statement, and copied the address letter by letter from there. And I still get the same error message.

Are we 100% sure that Revolut is sending the Address entered when adding the card, and not another address (for example the one associated with my profile, which is different)?

I don’t see the point of contacting my bank, because, as mentioned, I copied the exact address they use when they send me account statements (copied it from an actual statement too).

By the way this error message is only present for a fraction of a second. It disappears without even giving a chance to read it (let alone press OK). I had to take a video of the process with another device in order to be able to extract the screenshot.



Have you checked whether you have entered the address correctly in the Revolut app ? Does the Address of the card match the one on your ID which you used for the verification ?



I move around a lot (which is why I need a card like Revolut in the first place).

I have several different cards in several different countries. Each of them is associated with an address in that country (my residence there). Obviously, they are all different addresses. I am only resident in one country for tax purposes (183+ days) and that is the address I have used to register with Revolut.

That address is NOT the same address that is on the card that I attempted to add. But why should it be? There is a step in adding a card that asks you to enter the address the card is associated with. I looked it up and took great care to enter the exact address for the card I was trying to add.


I would contact the support. They can help you with verifying a card, I believe.


I had done that via in-app chat (no response yet), but also thought others might have run into the same problem so decided on a thread too.


Hi… still no solution.

I have received this reply via in-app support. There is no bolding in the original, bolding is mine, see after the quote.

“Your top-up has been declined by our Risk Management department. This is because there is an address mismatch between the address on your Revolut account and the AVS address the bank has for your account. You will need to contact your bank and explicitly ask them to change your AVS address, because this needs to match your Revolut account address. Banks store your address in different databases so your billing address might not necessarily be the same as your AVS address. The Address Verification System (AVS) is a system used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a debit card. The system will check the billing address of the debit card provided by the user with the address on file at the debit card company. Alternatively, you can also top up via bank transfer”

First, thank you for the elaborate reply.

Secondly, it is still ambiguous.

I have one address on my Revolut account/profile, that is used on my ID I used to register: Address1
I have another, different, address for the card I am trying to add: Address2

Which address is Revolut passing to the AVS? Address1 or Address2?

In the quote above, the first bolded fragment suggests Address1 is being used (which would explain why I am having problems), the second bolded fragment suggests Address2 is being used.


It’s pretty simple. Address 1 and address 2 in your example must be identical. They are checking via AVS the address of the debit card and compare it to the address you used to open your account with them.

Two options: you could use another top up method, transfer for example (check FAQs for requirements), or you could change your address of either the Revolut account or the debit card.


Why would the addresses have to be identical?

It is perfectly legal and legitimate to have residences in several countries, and to have different bank accounts linked to those different addresses. I have such a situation, and I bet I am not the only one.

In fact I would argue that many people who use Revolut to transfer money from account to account have such circumstances.


Well, for now, this is how it is.

I don’t know if this regulation is imposed by Revolut or one if its intermediates (card issuer, payment processor), but this is how the automated proof of ownership works here.

I would contact support and ask them specifically if they manually can verify a card with a different address. I don’t know if they are going to do that.


This is still an ongoing problem for me :frowning:

I have phoned my bank and had them spell out the address they have on file for my card. They did and it’s exactly the same as the address that I am trying to use when adding the card.

The issue must be with Revolut using a different address, probably my account address…


I have the same issue.
I have phoned my bank also and had them spell out the address and still same error:
“Oops! Your card failed Address Verification check”


I got a response from support on this - apparently they assume the postcode for a UK issuing bank fits the UK pattern, if it doesn’t, it won’t work. (probably same applies to any issuing country postcode pattern).

I guess for most companies that would be an understandable edge case, but it seems pretty obvious Revolut will see it a lot given the whole point is currency conversion.

Not sure if they will consider fixing it though.


Description I’ve been provided today is that issuing bank address of top-up card is used to try to format card address held with Revolut for AVS. If the card address you enter is not a UK one, the formatting and AVS fail. Since changing address Revolut is the only payee I’ve encountered that has this issue. It’s also been confirmed they don’t expect other businesses to reject payments made using a Revolut card for the same reason???