Oops, Something went wrong


Since Friday been trying to set up the app to get the card asap.
Keep getting error “Oops, Something went wrong” with the option to either retry (nothing happens) or Done.



Hi there. Do you have an account?


Hello Andreas, I created a user, just so I could post here. I have no actual account, because I keep getting this error when I add my phone number to get the app.

Can you assist in getting this set up?


Could you please try to download the app from the app store or google play?


I see now that you (Revolut) are not available in Curaçao yet, although as per your FAQ you cAn deliver the card here. so, I could not select Curacao from the dropdown.
I guess that explains the issue.

Is there an alternative way I can still get the card, because I travel a lot for work and it would be great to be able to use your services. Note here that Curaçao is part of the Dutch Kingdom just like Aruba, which IS available on the Revolut list.

as an idea regarding the error message, since the site geo targets and shows my country areacode by default and also the url www.revolut.com/cw, maybe have the error message say “Revolut is not available in Curaçao yet”

Kindly advise…


hello Andreas,

I believe the issue is because Revolut is not in the countrylist.

Is there another way to still make use of your service? I am travelling to
Amsterdam and London on Feb 1 and will need to be able to use your card.

Kindly let me know,…



We’re currently focusing services on the EEA, expecting this to be temporary and looking forward to expand globally :wink:


Hi I have the same issue. A friend send me a unique invite link and when I enter my phone number on https://www.revolut.com/ca/ and click on get started it shows, something went wrong I am from Canada and it is on the list.

I also have no account yet. I tried to reach you but you are closed for a chat and there is no email option.

Anyway, I download the app from the app store.

PS: Other users that are not so savvy might just give up… and lose customers…

PPS: How will my friend now benefit from this? Will he lose the referal?