Only some invited friends that sign up are credited


What can I do to resolve? I want to unlock the crypto currencies and don’t want to wait a few months.

One friend signed up and I received the credit and an email immediately, another signed up and nothing…


It’s open for all :+1:
Just needs activating within app :slight_smile:


It’s not open for all, they are opening it up gradually, unless you refer 3 friends…


Nope this has changed!

We’re unlocking crypto for all users gradually! Tap More–>Cryptocurrencies and you’ll be in the queue. Crypto will be unlocked for you in a few weeks time!


Like I said - ‘opening it up gradually’, I didn’t want to wait a few weeks which is why I invited friends to join so that I could open it immediately. They have now joined(via my invite) but it is still not open for me…


Please go to crypto section in the “more” tab in the app, you should be able to activate it now.


Many thanks, works now!


I have the exact same issue, I’ve invited several friends using the crypto referral link but it’s still not activated on my side. Is it UK only for now?


I can see it active!


Thanks Andreas. One of the Revolut team helped through Chat on the app and sorted it :+1:


Hi, I have this problem too… I have invited some friends and they signed up but actually I cannot see the as my referrals


Please send me a DM :slight_smile:


I Andreas I have the same issue. 3 friends invited today but no notification received and crypto is still disabled. Can ou help ? Thx


I’ve sent you a direct message!


Have same problem here! Invited 3 people and they joined Revolut but cryptocurrencies are still unlocked!?



I have same problem. i invited 3 friend and they signed up but cryptocurrencie are still unlocked. Please help AndreasK.


You can now activate crypto currency in the “more” tab in the app.


Hi Andreas I have invited 3 people via crypto link, and have proof that they joined, and the cryptocurreny is not unlocked, I tried the chat online but nobody answers. Can you help me please.

Btw App looks great!


I can see the feature active :slight_smile:


Yes, the problem was resolved through the chat by your colleague Ben. Thank you anyways, have a good day!