Only placeholders displayed for cards - unless application is restarted

if the Revolut app is already running in Background on my android phone, i cant see the card information when i switch to this tab. The cards are only shown as blank frames. If i close the app and restart it again, i get the card images and the information like cardnumber, valid date and CVV.
This is for my both cards - physical and virtual.

Which version of Android and the application?

Revolut 5.7
Android 8.1.0 (05/22018)

Sounds alright. Have you tried force-stopping the application and delete its cache? If that doesnt work either, try deleting all its data, though note that this will require a new login, so you will need access to the SIM you registered the account under.

I have the same issue. cards return after closing revolut app and starting it again, then will disappear again after some time of using the app. this issue continues since few previous versions of revolut app, however previously the card graphic was visible, just numbers on the cards were completely hidden until reloading the app.

This is still happening with version 5.9 on Android from time to time.

Got this on android10 and stressed out, if something is wrong? but all seems to be working. Don’t know how to fix this at least temporarily, though, restarting the app is not helping.

Okay, fully deleted app cache and authorized from new. Problem gone, but this was a little stressful. :frowning: Many thanks to this topic for advices in solving this.