"Only local transfers are accepted" ?


So we have Local account numbers for Sterling and Euros (and maybe other currencies)

But I’m a little confused by the warning on the account details screen, which states:

“Only local transfers are accepted. For international transfers, please use SWIFT details”

What does local mean? Local to our residency associated with your Revolut account?
Local is a bit generic for a Euro account being there is 23 countries within europe using the Euro.

Just wondering if someone sending me money from Italy to my EURO account, is deemed a local currency…


Local presumably means a Sepa account within the Euro area (for Euro transfers).


I’d agree with @Doppjunat, so I expect your transfer from Italy to be classed as a local transfer.

You make a good point though, the term “local” is quite ambiguous here.


Local details for each country will allow you to use the national transfer scheme for said countries currency.

For any Euro country this would be SEPA. For UK transfers you would use account number and sort code.