Only 16% use actively Curve, how much could Revolut be?

Not surprising, that there is no stickiness for a free card. You can be registered at every provider for free and don’t even need to use it, not even try it out and you will be considered a customer.

Personal experience is, that last year did a campaign at our company, and at least 20 people signed up for Revolut. But, almost nobody is using it. Also, myself did not use Revolut in the last 4-5 months, as I am cool with my local countries’ bank’s free debit and credit cards and used TW card for travels, just because I have balance there, not for any specific reason. At the moment use Revolut only for currency calculation :smile:


What do you think?

You have to see Revolut as an ecosystem and not just as a new way to pay.
I’m using pretty much all of the functionalities.


The main reason I would never use Rev as a main account is the lack of a web app. It’s great for travel and sending currency abroad but too ‘mickey mouse’ for everyday.


Business insider said Revolut reported roughly 50% of users use it on a monthly basis

I have installed the app on my iPad. This way I have two separate devices with access to the app. It works fine.

Exactly as i see it.
I use it in combination with Starling for overseas spending, as a currency conversion tool, to dabble in a bit of trading (only playing at it really) and sometimes to even buy things here in the UK lol

I suppose it depends how you define “actively use”.

It is likely that there is a significant number of people who, like me, use Revolut purely for spending in foreign currencies, but who never use the card to spend in our home currency. So whilst there may be long periods of several months during which I don’t use it, it is certainly not the case that I never use it. I would therefore consider myself an “active” user, even though that use is infrequent.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of accounts belong to people who have signed up to Revolut and used it only once and then never used it again, or who have signed up and not even used it at all.

Well it depends on the time frame you use for your analysis.
I think many people took Revolut to lower fees when going in vacations… and unfortunately we don’t get to go in vacations every months.
So I guess many customers will really top up their accounts and really use it just a few weeks in the year, mainly through Summer and Christmas-New Year period