Online USD payment declined - location based security

Today, a regular payment to a US merchant has been declined. It was ok last month, the only difference is I have enabled location based security (online transaction has been always enabled).
So I guess that must be the culprit, which makes the geo bases security useless and pointless. On paper Revolut seems great…

Hey @gif :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, I think location-based security didn’t apply to online payments… I’ll try to find the source.

EDIT: here

Location security is only for physical card. I recommend disabling online payments for physical card altogether and use a virtual card for online

HI @Juliopp, thank you. Yes, i know that; let’s say anyway that it shouldn’t apply…
That’s the only thing different from the previous month; my guess it the Revolut thought my card was in the USA and my mobile in the UK :angry: