Online transaction declined

I am new to revolut. I have made payments in gbp and received payments to my card so far but have tonight been declined twice for a purchase in euros. Any advice? I have checked security settings and can’t see any issues. The main reason for the card is to cover holiday costs so it is essential I can purchase In euros. I am especially concerned as I have 6000 euro hotel bill to pay on arrival in a few weeks. Thanks

Have you got info about reason?
Are you verified?

I am verified, I have used chip and pin already and made other purchases in GBP. There was no reason given. The vendor just stated transaction denied. I tried twice but same issue.

Do you have receipt? You should see the reason on this.

If you are a new user and planning to spend large lump sums I would definitely have another payment option in reserve tbh.

If that’s the case then revolut is not worth it at all for me unfortunately. The whole reason for me was to pay for a large group booking on travel. I think may phone hotel to try and make payment in advance so I can deal with any issues that may arise. I expected it to be fairly straight forward.

There is no receipt, I was making a purchase online so just got a message to say transaction denied

ok, does this transaction appear in you revolut app?
Is there any description?

No there is nothing in the revolut app to show the transaction being declined. Do you think it is possibly an issue with the vendor rather than Revolut?

It can be.
Do they demand 3D Secured card? Revolut’s card does not support it yet.

It never asked for 3d secure. I will maybe speak to the vendor direct tomorrow to see if they can assist first. Thanks for your help

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Please ask the In App Support. They can see clearly the reason for the declined payment.

E. g. A few days ago I ve experienced the same issue with a smaller amount and the Support came back to me and pointed out that the payment was declined due to „internal connection failure due to high trafffic“ at this moment.
Ok, not a perfect situation for me as Rev‘s customer, but a surprisingly very open answer.

So: Ask the Support.

Revolut is prepaid card. Some POS accepts only credit/debet cards. Ask directly your hotel for prepaid card acceptance.

I asked the support team in app but unfortunately the wait time for a response was over 4hrs and I was asleep by the time they replied