Online support not working !


I connected to an agent yesterday who allowed me to edit my address (I have moved from the UK to Hungary) and I was able to change my address but when I uploaded my registration certificate (residence permit) it refused to accept it claiming that it wasn’t an ID from the EEA even though it clearly is. My account is now locked and I have not been able to use it since midday yesterday. I have tried repeatedly to request “live agent” in the support chat but I never get any response ! It is SO frustrating. Even worse I am “supposed” to have a premium account. If this is the service a premium member gets I would hate to think what a standard user receives. Would it be possible for an actual human to check the document I have uploaded - both in the chat and as part of the verification process - and verify my address !! No matter what I type in to support chat all that is shown is “We are connecting you with a live agent” and it’s being doing this for 24 hours - is everyone there on holiday ?! Can someone please look at this ASAP - I don’t understand how you can expect to compete with banks when the service is that bad and people are blocked from using their account :frowning: