Online shopping, using Euro card to pay in US dollars

Many Chinese sites quote their prices in USD $, but when it comes to paying they quote a Euro amount. Would like to use Revolut virtual card on the site and make sure that I’m debited in USD using revoluts exchange rate. Anybody doing this? Of corse I would have exchanged the necessary amount into USD before buying.

I don’t see how this could work. It’s the merchant who controls the currency. If the merchant charges you in EUR, Revolut is going to handle it as a payment in EUR. Sorry in case I am missing something here …

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Hi Frank,
Yeah I’ve posted on merchant’s support forum also, see what answer I get there.
Noticed the last time I used Paypal, a price that converted as €23 on the site was charged as €25 on Paypal

Just to clarify: converting money beforehand in your Revolut wallet into USD has no effect on the currency of a payment.

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