Online portal just in case you lose your phone

There’s an automated phone line available for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It seems that this request has been in here for years. Having an emergency phone line with real people in there to help you out would be a great solution. If this is expensive, then a limited web portal as suggested perhaps with alternative 2FA (not an SMS code of course) would work as well.

This is one of the reasons why I use Revolut for traveling and for having pocket money for everyday expenses, but never as a main account.

So far is a nice useful toy, I like it, but remember: this is not a real bank in the sense of maturity level and customer service. Hopefully it’ll get there soon.


The users are requesting the web portal feature since 2016 and it is still not available?
Should we change the platform?


No one forces you to stay. You can leave anytime. :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Totally agree that we need an alternative for the mobile app. right now losing /getting your phone broken makes Revolut a terrible experience. My touchscreen got broken, so yes, I can still use the card, but I have no way to check my account. Can’t even imagine how things bad would be if my mobile would’ve been stolen instead. Please add a way for users to check their transaction history and manage their Revolut account without the mobile app.


+1 I totally agree with the above and can’t wait an online portal.


I agree a web portal should be done.
Login using phone number and pin or different password.
And from the start possibility to lock your cards and have the possibility to log off the phone also for security reasons be able to transfer money only to preexisting iban`s that was set in the phone.
This is just the minimum for the start.


Where’s the source code?

Dude, at least try a little harder… :rofl:

My bad. You’re right. The archives are empty. :unamused:

Yeah, source code not available:

% tar -ztf revolut-emergency-1.0.6.tar.gz

Not trustworthy! Link/Posting should be removed from this forum!


At least give him a chance to react and upload the source code.

Spreading the application while withholding the source with the justification to wait for a response from Revolut surely is NOT the right order of actions.

Ann1hil 0 points·[6 days ago]

You’re absolutely correct.
I’m planning to publish the source code, I’m just waiting to hear Revolut’s point of view on that first (legal implications).
I wish Revolut could provide a read-only consumer API.
I’m also not against the idea of Revolut acquiring this project.

@Regalia @zapata @Daidai @pepe2124
the source code is now available on GitHub: :r: Emergency :man_astronaut:

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+1 Agree. Sometime, you want a big screen to manage your account.


Any chance of getting a web version of Revolut? :slightly_smiling_face:


it would be nice to have web app specially for stock investing

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Is it indeed possible to replicate your account on (say) your wife or partner’s phone? That surely would give an element of protection against a lost or damaged, non functioning phone until replaced?

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You can install the app on various devices, phones, iPads … and log into the same account.

But you might need access two several security factors, and texts sent to a registered phone number are one of those identification details. So you need access to that SIM card. You can install the app on a second device before the SIM card gets stolen.