Online portal just in case you lose your phone


+1 for the web portal

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I really want to see this happen.

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just being able to reach support another way than the app would be a huge improvement



A billion dollar company that doesn’t even exist on the internet as far as customers are concerned makes no sense at all.

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Even though this thread started in 2016 we can still dream


How about running Android apps on your Windows 10 laptop. It’s not that ‘difficult’, although not tried with Revolut.

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That works and was suggested as workaround many times for people who lost their phone or had no access to it anymore.
But business users do have a web interface and it should not be too much work to offer basic services for the other users (unless they really messed up the code behind the curtains)


I have not tried it either but I can see it now… You lose your phone, mess around with Windows 10 for hours and finally get Revolut app to run under Windows. First requirement is to login… “please type in the code which we just sent to your phone via SMS!” Not going to work.

Let’s not forget card lost or stolen " You can also block your card by calling +44 2033 228 352"


Biggest reason I don’t use revolut personal account and instead use N26. When revolut has a web app I’ll very seriously consider switching!


Imagine you get your phone lost or stolen on a trip… Then I cannot access my account? Seems pretty grim, guys.

Plus, your competitor N26 does have online banking via web browser so… Come on now :slight_smile:


i just started using monzo, it has an emergency interface for freezing cards and checking your balance. This is a nice step up from the stress of loosing your phone.
N26 is looking tempting, im waiting for it to hit the UK then i will sign up.


It’s been over 2 years since this must-have idea thread was started.

Still nothing.


This would be very handy. Especially if you break your phone abroad you might need to top up your account to pay for the phone repair.

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+1 for me to get web access to accounts


This is a good idea, albeit it may take some development. But a very good idea indeed!

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What I can’t understand is they already have the framework with business to do this. It should be a no brainer.


+10000000000000000000000 for an online portal


This is a good point. Even if not providing a fully-fledged online banking via a PC, at least we should be able to do some basic stuff, like contacting support (e.g. chat, etc). It is much easier to chat from a PC keyboard than using a phone keyboard.


Using a phone keypad and phone screen is a pain !


That would also be great to be able to block your cards in case your wallet and your phone get robbed at the same time.

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