Online portal just in case you lose your phone


Still no real proper answer from Revolut on this !
This is a basic thing nowadays… really disappointing to not even get a simple explanation.


Much needed ! PLEASE implement this ! We need a fall-back option in case the phone breaks / is lost or stolen !



It is a must have, as fallback option.


As long as there isn’t this online portal, I won’t transfer much money on my Revolut account.


:heart_eyes: That would be a great option… Been thinking about it lately, happened to me (losing my phone) while I was in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m just wondering don’t some chromebooks use the google playstore? Can you possibly download the Revolut app on there? That makes it a good backup option if you lose a phone… well it’s a temporary alternative until Revolut hopefully introduce an online portal :star_struck:


Any update on this? xx


Hi This is the same for me to, can you please send me a way to use my app on my iPad please. I need to get my phone fixed but I need to top up the account


IIRC, though, activating the app on the iPad requires receiving a code on the phone number registered to the account.


This suppose that you still have your sim, and this suppose that you still have another android or ios device. All in all, this is absolutely not a workable solution for every revolut user…
And still no official explanation on why this is not available.


Yes! Some sort of non-app based user interface is a definite must! :exclamation::grey_exclamation::exclamation:
What if your battery dies? You don’t always have access to your phone. You always need access to your money!


Hi there,

I had my phone stolen and need to access my Revolut account. Is there no desktop version? My balance keeps dropping below zero and I’d like to cancel the premium subscription.



I would like to support this idea as well. It would be particularly useful. Until then I shall use an android emulator on my PC (which feels a bit silly)


Hey! So my phone has Literally just been stolen and now I can’t pay for my hostel! Help! How do I get money transferred across??? I am travelling alone and i can’t download the app to my Amazon tablet!


Really sorry to hear that :frowning: Are you able to send me a direct message?


Surely for any financial hi-tech business (that is adamant it will NOT run a proper telephone customer service centre with direct voice access to trained agents because it wants to save itself these costs) then an “Online normal web access” to some account control is an absolute MUST. The single point of access via a single app on a single mobile phone is incredibly flawed when the whole concept is designed with “travel” in mind. Please, lets not forget the CEO’s Nikolay Storonsky original concept, which he learnt after his “travels”, and then designed his business to try and fix.

Nikolay … You’re nearly there but please fix this major flaw in your business plan, as you’re going to lose customers and create negative feedback because of it. Stranded customers without means is always going to look bad on social media and scare away new customers. You already have the knowledge and expert staff to built the website and this would increase your product attractiveness without changing the ISP. It would not alter the App or account creation through the App, but it would allow instant repair and some management functions for those stranded without phone. It would also reduce the number of protracted “chat to us” forced enquires through the App.

So, what am I missing? Why do Revolut appear to be against this???


Really need a web app. I dont like using my phones. All of your competitors such as monzo and starling have a web app now.


1 Vote for a web app!
Would make Revolut from great to the best!!!


I disagree, I you lose your phone and try to log in from another phone you will need to receive a security code by text message on your phone you just lost.


I guess the problem is to have enough security without a phone. A lot of banks ask to send a text message for authentication.


The Web app would not need full functionality.

Ability to freeze card, view transactions last few days and ability to chat to support using a desktop keyboard would be no security issue what so ever but would help stranded people a lot.