Online portal just in case you lose your phone


How do you do this. I lost my phone and now have a Colombian number I have downloaded the app but a Colombian number doesn’t work so i used a UK number but I have no way of linking my number can you link your card number the app


Please, I lost my mobile and my Revolut card as well. What I can do now? How I can communicate to have support? I have Premium membership.


As I can see your Rev card is blocked. Please reach me out via DM so I can assist you.


HELLO why has My account been blocked for no reason please help I have put money Into this account


Yes …
Way overdue


10 votes (mine + 9 rev. users-and-still-friends) for the web portal! :desktop_computer::desktop_computer::desktop_computer::computer_mouse::computer_mouse::computer_mouse:


+1 also from me.

I also do not understand why retail customers are not offered access to the Revolut API.

Presumably under the new Euro PSD2 legislation which insists that banks offer better access to their accounts via open API’s this benefit could and should be offered to Revolut customers as well. I can access my old fashioned banks via mobile apps, web interface AND very good API’s. Revolut is the laggard against these old boys. You need to catch up chaps.


I think - they are silent, because they have nothing to say and are not planning a web site. At least in the near or middle future. And the reason should be very trivial - the web page doesn’t generate any profit.
Hey You guys at the Revolut - correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile: Else it will be taken for granted.


From the UK, so would welcome the option to use a laptop to manage the revolut card in much the same way I do my credit card with Visa. Also feel more comfortable transferring money via laptop to card with it’s extra security, compared with a smart phone.

I understand the business users have a website portal option, is there much difference with the set up compared to the standard card?


This confirms that only new customers are important, online portal has been available for business users for over a year, however for consumers they can’t improve anything except a scam crypto option???


It’s very annoying that I can’t contact the customer support using my PC.

I don’t have a smartphone at all and don’t want to have.

Maybe I wiould buy some to use it only for banking and keep it at home, but it’s very annoying that I can’t use my PC for banking.


+1 for a fully functional web portal
it seems so obvious :slight_smile:


I’m in exactly this position. My phone was stolen. I’ve lost my Revolut card. I’ve ordered up a new sim card - but how do i deactivate/block existing revolut card and get a replacement?

I was recently sent another revolut card (think its visa??) but have not used it as I’m travelling overseas for the next 12 months.

Please help!


Hi, related to this, I am in Barcelona at the moment and have lost my phone… But I need to top up my account in order to buy a new one!! Can anyone provide any advice on this please?


Hi! I think you should contact Revolut by Facebook Messenger and tell them your trouble.


I think the web portal it is a great idea.
Tnx to the support (works very well), they told me that you can install the app on a tablet.
It works great.
So that can be a solution for people traveling abroad and changing they sim card.
Still a web portal gives much more confidence as you can access it from any were connected to a land line to internet.


Almost 2 years after we still have nothing !
Lots of trouble in case your phone is stolen…


I break my phone. Now I’m with an old android 4.0 phone for a week or two. People need web portals of banks in case of emergency like this.


Go online!
Its a must, i have lost both phone and cards few times…


A web portal would really be awesome :slight_smile: !