Online portal just in case you lose your phone


Do you mean that the finger print activation doesn’t work? If so I have tried this and entering the pin both result in the same problem.


resolved by re-installing app.


Totally agree!!!

A desktop version is a must have. It has to have both options to manage all transactions, limits, cancel/order cards etc. AND possibility to chat with support (the history being fully synced with the app).

The lost of the phone is a number one scenario for which there’s no plan B right now. Most of the times people loose phones while travelling, when they can’t order the same sim-card (to get any messages) and they most probably would not buy a new smartphone in a random place abroad. So there’s no way a person can get to their account and make any transactions or even to cancel a card if it was stolen.

Another important case - talking to support team. App is a great option when you need to tap and click. But when you need to write words, describe situation in a few paragraphs - it’s a disaster to do it on the phone, it takes forever.

And of course bank transfers. IBANs are long to type and there’s a high risk of making a mistake. I would prefer to make all such transaction on the desktop to be able copy-paste the data.


Hi @Inna,

I partially agree, but there is a phone number to block the card at any time without access to the app in an emergency: See contact page.


That’s a good option, haven’t noticed the phone number for blocking a card. Thank you for pointing on it!

My two concern are

  1. The line is said to be automated. I didn’t try calling there (don’t wanna pay for an international call), but there’s a high chance that for verification reasons the system will ask me to call from the same phone number, which is attached to my Revolut account. Otherwise anyone can call them and ask to block my card.
    If that’s the case, you will not be able to block the card if your phone (with a sim-card) was stolen.

  2. Costs of the international call and complexity making a call. We are talking about situations which happen when people travel abroad. So even if the system allows to call from any phone number (and I doubt that), it means you will need to pay for an international call and/or a roaming. That’s a lot of money. And think about how difficult it is to find a way to call abroad from another country if you don’t have your cell-phone. The hotel would charge a lot for such calls.

At the same time it’s much easier to find a free internet connection and go to your account online to block the card or to do any other actions (order a new card, make a transfer etc). That’s what other banks allow to do. No extra charges, easy for users. Some banks even have support via Skype and other messengers (Telegram, Viber etc) to which users can call and get a verification completed.


I don’t think that one can call only from the registered phone number.

In my experience, access to wifi / data roaming is more limited while traveling. A phone number for blocking cards seems to be a good fallback solution to me.


I totally agree, this is a must. Want to get my very elderly dad to use Revolut, but has no clue how to use the app. So, for me it would be nice to let him know how much money he has in his account, so I can keep track. Regardless, this feature is definitely needed.


How? My account has been blocked and I can’t get hold of anyone. I tried to set up my Revolut on my new phone but I ended up having to set up a new account I then tried to connect my old revolut card with this new account and then my account was blocked. Please let me know what I need to do.


The procedure for setting up a new phone / mobile number like explained in the FAQs works like this:

Try to log in on the new phone with old phone number. Then say “can’t receive text message”. Then you can contact support and ask them to change your mobile number for you.


i think this is great idea as i know many people who would use this service but do not want to deal with it on their phone!


For those wishing to use a Revolut on a PC, perhaps you can download BlueStacks App Player (Android in Windows environment) & then download Revolut??? Just a thought!


This is exactly what I came here to say. Need a web app. Have lost my phone while abroad and have no intention of buying a new one (Revolut was literally the only thing I needed it for). I won’t be using Revolut again until they get some sort of web portal.
Also - can we not have proper support options? When I go to the help page it gives me two options -in app chap and a uk phone number (very expensive to call). Neither of these options are available if you don’t have access to your phone.


Do revolut actually follow these threads? People have been saying exactly the same thing for almost a year now, I don’t even see an acknowledgement?


Yep, Revolut staff have commented and acknowledged this before.

A web portal is currently available for Revolut for Business users.

I’ve made some speculation as to why the web interface has been prioritised for business, rather than being released first for the consumer-end.

Firstly, because it is an absolutely essential function of ‘Revolut for Business’ (whereas for the end-user/customer, the mobile app will suffice for now.).

Secondly, due to the operational requirements (Whilst the customers have been beta-testing, in a sense, the Revolut platform and the app, for Revolut for Business users, on the other hand, the feedback gained from Revolut for Business users will eventually filter down to the web-based product for the end users.).

web interface for use on laptops and other devices
Sole-proprietors without incorporation
Understanding annual limits
Help/Advice General Discussion

looking forward to the features to be released to the consumer ends.


It can’t be a huge step to adapt their business web portal for consumer. What serious bank operates with mobile only? Revolut realizes this is unfeasible for business, but it is also unfeasible if they want a wider consumer base.


Starling, Monzo, Atom, … Most of the major ‘neobanks’ are mobile-first.


And none of them have any alternatives if your phone is lost/stolen? I seriously doubt that.

Revolut needs, if nothing else at least the ability to lock the card down via the web. Phone only is crazy unsecure really.


Quite, I did say serious bank.


I see them as legacy banks who will be swept away.