Online portal just in case you lose your phone


Hi this has just happened to me. I am away and I have lost my SIM when buying a data sim in thailand (I put a Thai sim in my phone and misplaced the original sim).

I am unable to log in to the revolut app now. I didn’t bring any other card with me and i’m desperate. What can I do?

  • An aside. I have tried using the chat part of the app to report… but when the phone screen locks the chat window is gone and I have to start all over again. It’s infuriating.


Hi @tim.jefferies,

I will contact you via a direct message so I can help you with it.


Andreas K


The only thing holding me from converting to Revolut right now is the absence of an online portal. I think that would be a very good idea


The same problem just hit me hard as well. I am in the US and put in a travel sim. I used my card without problems but then I had to reset my phone because it was having problems. Well, as I try to log in to Revolut I realize, that I can’t find the original SIM card. So now I am in the US and can’t log into my Revolut account. I contacted support and their bot ‘Rita’ suggested verifying some information to get me the SMS code. But after giving the information the bot just locked up and won’t respond anymore. Now I just hope to get this resolved quickly once support agents are online again.

Bottom line is: Having a service that is aimed for travelers being tied to something that’s as easily lost as a phone/SIM, is a bad idea.


Great suggestion! As well as bring a convenient back up, as well as essential in case of lost phone, I guess this would be very popular with non iPhone people.


+1 for web portal!
Absolutely needed!


Web portal please​. :grin:


+1 Pour le portail Web!
Absolument nécessaire!


Andreas please contact me I cannot access my revolut app because of problems with my phone number. It is 3 days now and I just don’t seem to be able to get any help. Thank you


Another vote for the online portal. Losing the phone is not the only use scenario. For example my phone is being serviced now (for the second time in a month), so I will be without it for up to a week. I don’t have a spare smartphone and not keen to buy one (I have only a feature phone).

I need to transfer some money from GBP to EUR on Monday. Not having Revolut means I’ll have to spend around 25 eur in fees using a different provider. These things can add up.


+1 to online portal.

Not only for authentication and card management, but also as a functional web interface for your account.


+1 to online portal too. This is already offered by similar services and it will help in all the cases when we do not have access to the phone


+1 for an Internet desktop access


It’s so easy to loose a phone abroad, or have it stolen. just immagine a sec that your bag with your card and phone disapears… what can you do? well, nothing.
A web portal is a must, can’t understand why it still does not exist


@edward, could you share if Revolut is working on creating a web portal or this is not considered? Thanks!


Absolutely and completely. I have just had my phone stolen and there is absolutely NO WAY you can talk to support without your phone. I wanted to turn off temporarily any activity on the phone just in case though I have disabled the number. I have an ipad (no telno.) and they keep wanting to send MSM. There is no number to ring to talk to support. It is very very frustrating so so means of communicating even if just be email would very useful. If anyone can tell me how to contact support without a smart phone it would be appreciated. My wife’s rather old iphone just crashed when installing revolut in my attempt to contact support. Brilliant app but it does need to cover eventualities such as mine. In any event I do find it much easier to use a keyboard for support as being a bit older my one fingered typing on a small screen is pretty pathetic!


You can try to contact them here, at or on Facebook or Twitter.


Why is it that Revolut are seemingly unable to answer this legitimate and much need requirement for a web portal? Every response simple avoids the topic, rather than engaging with the community who have a clear and justifiable requirement.


and another thing. Right now I can’t get into the app, it simply fails on load - it kindly offers me the chance to try again, but fails once more. So in this scenario, I can’t add any funds, exchange currencies, or even buy anything unless I have a physical card (I do, but that is not the point). So if ever there was a need for a web portal, for me, it would be right now.


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