Online portal just in case you lose your phone


I see, thanks. Can you pop this on the FAQ because I thought I was at a dead end :slight_smile:


The no 1 weakness of Revolut is the risk of losing both card and phone at the same time, possibly by mugging, and then not being able to block the card without going through a difficult process involving calling Support (in office hours) from someone else’s mobile phone, downloading the app to it and only then logging on. A web app would completely solve this and provide reassurance


I have Revolut on both iPhone and iPad so have that covered.

But agree, a website would be useful as backup.


I would also like to see a website.
Many crypto projects use unique passphrases for accounts. Maybe this could be incorporated into Revolut. The idea is that passphrase is entered into a new phone or laptop in the event of loss, theft or stupidity and gives immediate and full access to account. Obviously, the passphrase must be kept very safe and never shown to third parties but they work like magic to restore access to funds. :grinning:


An online portal is an absolute “must-to” when you are travelling and lose the phone. It’d be the only option to access the Revolut services in many countries when you can’t use the phone app (lost, not signal, restrictions, etc.)


My idea of maintaining security in case of phone loss is to provide a web app which offers restricted services based on a simple username/password (or PIN) login. More sensitive services could only be unlocked with SMS verification. Restricted services could include: checking balance, top-up by card, blocking the Revolut card (but not re-enabling it), enabling restrictions on card use (but not disabling such restrictions). Transfers OUT of Revolut would not be allowed without SMS authorization.

This is basically how some web banking portals work. They allow simple username/password login which gives access to basic services, but they do not allow you to set up payments to third parties or have access to sensitive details such as PIN numbers without device-based authentication.


In the same subject , i just sent my phone to service and i had all security off,(atm withdrawal , internet transitions) and i can’t withdrawal from an atm , can you give me a solution for this? i haven’t access to another phone

thank you


Hi @petros44,

In this case you can send me your phone number associated with your account so I can check it for you.


But what about replying to the suggestion ? Is it something planned ? It’s quite easy (correct me if wrong) as you already have an app, which is just a front end to the web service…



We’re looking into it, once we have more updates we will announce.

We appreciate all the feedback & suggestions.

In the case of @petros44, we can enable it, if he contacts us.


Really miss the desktop, i am not a phone person, and hate typing on the phone + the fact if you loose it etc…
Also my husband as an iphone4 and cannot dl the app :frowning:
Actually the desktop is much more needed than the apple watch app
I think desktop should have been the default one, before the phone app


+1 for a secure web portal


+1 for a web platform which would allow the same functionalities as the mobile app (overview of accounts, topping up by card, bank transfer, currency conversion, chat with support, card blocking/reissuing)

I think the web portal is absolulutely needed - Revolut is a card destined for travelling - phones get lost, stolen, broken, wifi connection is not always available.

One of the biggest advantage of a Revolut web portal would also be the possibility to chat more easily with the support - imagine you are travelling and a bigger problem occurs, one would need to spend hours chatting with support, typing and explaining everything using the mobile keypad - and this is very inconvenient for a user with a problem who would need his problem resolved rather soon. If certain documents would need to be attached via chat - this would also be more easily done via desktop chat.

Keep up the good work!


These people make a strong case for reverse engineering!


I had a job with a new sim as 3 deactivated my sim & took my phone number so there was no way Revolut could send me an activation code!
An emergency site for theses sort of problems would be good.


+1 for a web app with at least basic lock / balance check options. I’m liking the idea of dual layer security too.

Maybe the default for the basic security could be phone number and the account pin? That gives access to balance check and a block card option.

Then additional level(s) that can be unlocked through SMS / phone app for those after who want it possibly leading up to the same level as the mobile app.

Mostly my +1 is because I take 2 phones when I travel - an older one unlocked for a local sim and my current one (kept with passport and such) with my home number. I don’t upgrade mobiles that often so having one that your app doesn’t support one day is a real possibility!


No news on this? It would be really great…


Since the app stopped working on Blackberry OS, it would be very handy for me. I do not usually carry my second (Android) phone around.


Yes, I agree, a web portal is very needed. In my opinion N26 does this better, with both a website and an app. I love how Revolut has the whole 3 currency/wallet/automatic exchange between currencies things, but having just a single app is a risk and potentially a hazard when travelling abroad, or just a plain nuisance in case of complicated support questions that take a lot of typing.


any news about the web app?