Online portal just in case you lose your phone

The procedure for setting up a new phone / mobile number like explained in the FAQs works like this:

Try to log in on the new phone with old phone number. Then say “can’t receive text message”. Then you can contact support and ask them to change your mobile number for you.

i think this is great idea as i know many people who would use this service but do not want to deal with it on their phone!

For those wishing to use a Revolut on a PC, perhaps you can download BlueStacks App Player (Android in Windows environment) & then download Revolut??? Just a thought!

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This is exactly what I came here to say. Need a web app. Have lost my phone while abroad and have no intention of buying a new one (Revolut was literally the only thing I needed it for). I won’t be using Revolut again until they get some sort of web portal.
Also - can we not have proper support options? When I go to the help page it gives me two options -in app chap and a uk phone number (very expensive to call). Neither of these options are available if you don’t have access to your phone.

Do revolut actually follow these threads? People have been saying exactly the same thing for almost a year now, I don’t even see an acknowledgement?

Yep, Revolut staff have commented and acknowledged this before.

A web portal is currently available for Revolut for Business users.

I’ve made some speculation as to why the web interface has been prioritised for business, rather than being released first for the consumer-end.

Firstly, because it is an absolutely essential function of ‘Revolut for Business’ (whereas for the end-user/customer, the mobile app will suffice for now.).

Secondly, due to the operational requirements (Whilst the customers have been beta-testing, in a sense, the Revolut platform and the app, for Revolut for Business users, on the other hand, the feedback gained from Revolut for Business users will eventually filter down to the web-based product for the end users.).


looking forward to the features to be released to the consumer ends.

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It can’t be a huge step to adapt their business web portal for consumer. What serious bank operates with mobile only? Revolut realizes this is unfeasible for business, but it is also unfeasible if they want a wider consumer base.

Starling, Monzo, Atom, … Most of the major ‘neobanks’ are mobile-first.

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And none of them have any alternatives if your phone is lost/stolen? I seriously doubt that.

Revolut needs, if nothing else at least the ability to lock the card down via the web. Phone only is crazy unsecure really.

Quite, I did say serious bank.


I see them as legacy banks who will be swept away.

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How do you do this. I lost my phone and now have a Colombian number I have downloaded the app but a Colombian number doesn’t work so i used a UK number but I have no way of linking my number can you link your card number the app

Please, I lost my mobile and my Revolut card as well. What I can do now? How I can communicate to have support? I have Premium membership.

As I can see your Rev card is blocked. Please reach me out via DM so I can assist you.

HELLO why has My account been blocked for no reason please help I have put money Into this account

Yes …
Way overdue

10 votes (mine + 9 rev. users-and-still-friends) for the web portal! :desktop_computer::desktop_computer::desktop_computer::computer_mouse::computer_mouse::computer_mouse:

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+1 also from me.

I also do not understand why retail customers are not offered access to the Revolut API.

Presumably under the new Euro PSD2 legislation which insists that banks offer better access to their accounts via open API’s this benefit could and should be offered to Revolut customers as well. I can access my old fashioned banks via mobile apps, web interface AND very good API’s. Revolut is the laggard against these old boys. You need to catch up chaps.

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I think - they are silent, because they have nothing to say and are not planning a web site. At least in the near or middle future. And the reason should be very trivial - the web page doesn’t generate any profit.
Hey You guys at the Revolut - correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile: Else it will be taken for granted.