Online portal just in case you lose your phone


An Online portal would be good, it should allow you to transfer money to a traveling companion or one of your normal bank accounts.

use revolut on a pc?,
Online (web) interface
Ipad/tablet and web app
A Web App
UI for personal banking

Yeah, it would be great to have dedicated website for this, because when my phone was broke, I could not use revolut in any way until I got a new phone. And this is a big issue when traveling, if you loose your phone, you aren’t able to control the account


Greatly needed !
It would be awesome to be able to use Revolut from your laptop within a web browser. Or at least be able to reach the support team from there.
If that raises security concerns, it could be added as an option that can be enabled/disabled straight from the phone app.
Take the example of Uber : they give you access to simply by asking the support to enable web access.


Hopefully it doesn’t happen but if you get mugged or lose your belongings somehow…phone, wallet, keys, etc…that’s your revolut card and phone gone with no way to block it immediately…online access would be good


+1 for an online portal


definitely agree with this. High likelihood that you lose your phone at same time as your wallet


+1. I accidentally dropped my phone in the pool last month on our family holiday - killed it (the phone not the holiday)! Still used my Revolut card to pay for stuff, but had no idea if or when it would run out of funds.


Hi, some very interesting ideas thrown around! Keep at it, we love to read them!

But if you do lose your phone, you can still access your Revolut account from another phone.


You’re right but a web access is something you’ll get in a easier way than another phone sometime. Accessing the Revolut transaction history on a BIG laptop could also be much more comfortable than on a phone.


An online option is a must, as using another phone is not always an option, and is not very practical even if it is possible.
My experience is that the app no longer works on an iPhone 4, so without access to another phone it is useless.
In order to log in on another phone, you need access to one and then have to enter a SMS verification code in order to log in. If the phone you have borrowed belongs to a Revolut user, they then need a SMS verification code when they log back in when you are finished.

And an sms verification code is not much good when you have lost your phone (which has the sim with the registered mobile number).


This is THE biggest missing feature. Number26 does it better IMHO. Revolut needs to understand that sometimes you can’t have access to internet on your phone or simply not even a phone (stolen, lost…)
Anyway, the app is just a secure gateway to revolut servers, I hope it’s not too complicated to create a web based version of revolut.


It would be really great and convenient if there is a web portal to access all the information about the card and the transactions.


As far as I remember, no you can’t? - you need to get a text message to log in? If you’ve lost your SIM then you can’t log in at all. At least unless I was doing it wrong. I lost my phone last week in Croatia and couldn’t log into my account on my girlfriend’s phone so just had to stop using my card.
I also had a tablet with me and couldn’t even download Revolut on that. An online portal would be awesome, or at least an alternative way to get the verification code (i.e. email).


+1 for me too. Having a secure web access to my Revolut account would be a great feature.


Yes great idea ! Loved it


Hi @rossdanderson
You can go the the in-app support chat from another phone (you don’t have to be logged into Revolut) and request your phone number to be changed to the one the phone is on. We would just need to verify some of your details from you. We are looking into alternative ways of verification :slight_smile:


Thanks but she is also on Revolut. Presumably you can’t have two accounts on one phone number? Don’t worry though :slight_smile:
Still, a way to log in from any device (phone/pc/tablet), check balance, top up and - most importantly - disable location based security would be very useful in these circumstances.


+1 for this. I did have my phone stolen and couldn’t use another phone without calling the support team to text the access code to a different number, so had to wait till next day for support hours. Lesson is don’t completely rely on one form of money purse but online access is definitely needed.


Hi @rossdanderson,

We will give you the code in that case after you verify some security questions.


Completely agree, much needed, +1 for this Idea