Online payments

I have received my card for my recently opened account, I have transferred money onto the card and may a payment by transfer, does the card have to be activated in some form as i am trying to make an online payment and it keep getting declined…

Yes,card gets activated by purchase (chip+pin) or withdraw from ATM some cash :slight_smile:
Make sure you turn on online transactions within your card security options :slight_smile:

Thanks, online transactions was turned off, turned it on and payment went through ok.

On another note everything else in the security section is turned off and it doesn’t allow me to turn them on… it say at the top of the screen ‘All security options will be enbled when your revolut card is delivered’

I’ve had the card over a week know…

You need to activate it then :slight_smile:
Use it either in shop -chip and pin- or ATM withdrawal :slight_smile:
After that your card will work as it should. :slight_smile:

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I suggest ATM withdrawal (many users report problem with first usage outside of ATM)

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will try withdrawal tomorrow and a chip and pin purchase just to make sure