Online payments don't seem to work


The physical card has been working fine for me at POS systems. But when I try to make online purchase the card gets always declined. I tried using both the physical card number and the virtual card number. I was chatting about this with some earlier on the forum and it sounded the issue might have to do with the fact the Revolut card does not support 3D auth (?). The error messages pretty much say only that the payment was declined. Are there any changes coming to this?


Have you checked that online is enabled in security settings? I have read here about 3DS causing problems but I have never had a problem with it.



This is common problem with Revolut and you are correct as it does not support MasterCard 3D Secure code and Verified by VISA so many online merchants wont take it for example Three in Austria does not accept my Revolut card as it does not support 3DS or Verified by VISA.

I suggest you try to use PayPal as you can link your card to PP and pay through PayPal.

I also wish 3DS and Verified by VISA was added within the app as a push notification.

Most e-stores work such as:

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • G2A Pay
  • Steam
    but some sites require 3DS as an anti-fraud measure.



Hi all,

I tried to set up Revolut for online payments with Coursera, and I get the notification on the phone that there is an authorization ongoing. I tap on it and it seems that coursera tries to charge $0 on my account.

Fine, but then, there’s no button where I can authorize this charge and the whole thing gets reverted. So, I can’t add this card to Coursera. Am I missing anything? How can I authorize Coursera?



Hey Boixa. You do not have to accept the authorization it will be done automatically. If the transaction is declined after the authorization then it means that Coursera does not support the card. This is most likely because it is “prepaid”, please contact Coursera and ask them about why it.