Online payment rejected - registered address does not match


I recently made an online payment using my card. The vendor called to say the registered address of the card does not match my address and they can not process payment. The said the card was registered to a UK address but the address I supplied was my address in Ireland.

I have checked and my Revolut account is correctly registered to my Irish address.


I have same problem. I registered from Hungary (so my billing address is also in Hungary) and I would like to renew my account (40 EUR) with a standard virtual card, but declined this, because:

“Billing address country must match the country of the payment method (GB)”

So I can’t use this virtual card for online payments? And why GB? I selected an EUR plan! The app shows the transaction as a “pending” transaction with EUR 0. The billing address what I filled is exactly matches with my revolut account.

UPDATE: the physical card also not working, same problem.

UPDTAE2: If I select “United Kingdom” as a country it accepted but in this case the 40 EUR plan priced as 70 GBP!

UPDATE3: In my revolut account I only have EUR balance and I doesn’t have GBP account, just EUR(60), HUF(0), USD(0).

How can I solve this issue?

As far as I am aware It doesn’t matter where you registered from, the card is always issued in the UK since Revolut is a UK based issuer, so if the service you are trying to subscribe to blocks cards based on the issuing country, it will always be like that.
“” looks like some music site, so they most likely only accept local cards for local subscriptions because of some licensing restrictions.

This has nothing to do with the currencies you enable in the App. Those sites use BIN databases or simlar things to check where the BIN of the card is probably registered.
This has nothing to do with Revolut in general. You need to discuss that with they site owner that your address is in Hungary or something and that should be sufficient.

…someone correct me if I’m wrong, please.
I don’t know, but it’s similar with Apple iTunes and other services that have regional restrictions for some reason.

Thanks for your answer! There is no regional restriction. If I use my Visa debit card (issued by a Hungarian bank) and I choose Hungary as country, it’s works and final price is 40 EUR including VAT. If I use the Revolut card and I choose UK as the country, the final price is 70 GBP (~ 80 EUR !!!). I can accept that I should choose UK as country but I can not accept the doubled price.

It seems that Revolut is useless for online payments. :frowning:

Once again, you have to discuss that with the site owner, I‘m pretty sure that is a music license restriction, hence the different prices for different countries.

It has nothing to do with Revolut.

So the site think I’m an UK customer (based on the R card BIN) and this is the reason of the higher price. :frowning: If this true, I unfortunately can’t use the Revolut’s card as a full-fledged replacement of my current (expensive but working) debit card…