Online payment refused but money withdrawn from account


Hello to all,

I made my first online payment today with Revolut virtual card (invoice of FreeMobile about 48€). The payment has been refused while I can see the amount has been taken away from my account.

I have to then (re)pay with my Visa card to make the purchase.

So do you have any idea of what’s going to be next?
Any chance to get refund or possiblity to cancel the transaction?

Many thanks!


Hi @chunli

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused - can you recall if you got an error message when you tried to submit the payment?

Your payment could have been refused for a number of reasons. For example, since this is a phone bill, perhaps the company doesn’t accept prepaid cards, or maybe they were expecting you to set up a direct debit, which is currently not supported by Revolut.

At the moment, our records show this transaction as ‘Pending’. A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The amount won’t be available on your balance until the merchant either cancels the payment or 10 working days have passed and the money hasn’t been claimed. After this time, your balance should be adjusted automatically. This is the reason why you’re not able to access your funds. They are being held in holding account while the transaction settles. As soon as the process ends, your funds will be reverted back to your Revolut account.

So to answer your questions, the next step in the payment process is the transaction settlement, after which the funds will go back into your Revolut account. Regarding cancellation, you can choose to contact your bank directly and explain that the transaction did not go through.

Alternatively, you can always reach out to our support team via our built-in chat and someone will jump in to help.

Thank you for your support and understanding and again, apologies for the inconvenience


Hi @Rob_B

Thank you for your reply! I understand the complexity of banking clearing system. I myself worked also in this area. I never worry about the refund.

About cancelling the bill, is there any way to do so in Revolut? Just like classic banking account, with which you can cancel or refuse the payment even after transaction.



I’m afraid the only solution at this time @chunli is to get in touch with the merchant and ask for the authorisation codes and a written confirmation stating that the merchant does not intend to collect the payment.

If you manage to get a hold of these, we’re kindly asking you to contact us via chat or DM me for further details. Otherwise, I’m afraid the transaction will be settled after 10 working days and the funds will be reverted.

Once again - please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused, @chunli .


Dear @Rob_B,

I got my refund today in App.

Many thanks!