Online payment on reverted


I have tried to buy a program from an US website ( The amount was always reverted after 15 - 20 minutes. After the payment, I received an error message on the website page: the address was not the same with the one that I have on Revolut - billing address. But it was.
What is happening? Will I be able to use Revolut on this purchase?


Please do not multiply threads with the same topic.

I think that this is impossible until you unify the addressees


Sorry, my mistake. It was the first opened topic and I wasn’t sure it worked.


I have searched how to unify addresses, but I did not find. If you could help me, it would be great!
Many thanks,


I mean just to ensure that you have provided exactly the same address (in the same order) in both app’s (Revolut and
In Revolut app you can check it in “More> Profile> Personal Data”.


Yes, billing address on the website it was the same with the one I have on revolut profile (copy/paste). Delivery address is was different, because I have residence in another country. This one should also be the same with the one from my account?


I don’t think so : billing and delivery address are 2 different things…

Just in case try to redo the command with the same delivery address as the billing address just to check if it’s working.

And if it is, cancelled your command :wink: then contact the merchant to fix it…


Well, if it will work, then this “must” is a stupid thing. I cannot order a present for a friend, for example? We all have friends abroad…


I agree with you



Your card is issued in the UK, so you need to have a UK billing address in mutusystem’s world. Same with f.e. Spotify and many other services. Workaround: PayPal with :r: as payment.


Thanks Laurenz_L. I have tried (4-5 months ago) to add Revolut on my paypal account and didn’t work.
I will try again


It work for me without any problems


PayPal is a little strange with those things. What’s possible in Germany doesn’t necessarily apply to Italy or Spain.
I had no problem adding my IBAN but fought to get my virtual VISA in there.


Yes, could be. When trying to add the IBAN, I receive the error that it is not a good one. When adding the card, MasterCard, it says that the address is not ok :-/


What is your location? What is your residency?
Did you search your location + paypal in the community?


I have managed to add the credit card, and now I have to activate it. PayPal said that I will find a code in the statement. Though I cannot see it.

Should be below description. Did you encountered this type of verification?


You will get another transaction with that code. Maybe you already see it, maybe tomorrow.


You are not alone :wink:


Awesome … :expressionless:


Did you find a second transaction with a code by now?