Online chat not working the last 10 days for me.


Hi , in app online chat not working the last 10 days. iam not able to contact agent. Even ritabot not respond.


Hi tape live agent on chat To contact a human.


Of course i meen i ask already for live agent… But nothing happens, is like dead chat


Hey @Giorgos :slight_smile:

Try typing Resolved


nothing happens, no answer , no auto respond from bot and no agent when ask for. I just try now


Hey @Giorgos :slight_smile:

There must be a glitch then. Please, try reinstalling or, if that doesn’t work, you can ask for help through Twitter:


i message through tweeter last night and this morning and still no respond. Same on facebook

I install/ re-install, log out and login several times and still nothing


Hey @Giorgos :slight_smile:

I’m out of ideas then :frowning:
Hope they answer soon trough any of their media channels… @AndreasK?


hope so, always Ritabot respond instantaneous, also agent respond in minutes. After 07/03/18 chat stop working. :frowning:


Hi there. We’ve responded and resolved your query. Thanks for your patience!


yes , issue has been resolved.

Thank you

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