Online Buying with $USD

This may sound a daft question but if I exchange my £ sterling to a particular amount of $USD
And want to buy on a site in China using $USD can I do this as an online purchase?

Hey there,

Yes, just make sure they are charging you in USD. :slight_smile: btw even if you’re not exchanging, just loading pounds on the card it will exchange the correct amount by itself.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply, Yes the product is shown in $USD.
Interesting that my £ will automatically convert to USD or whatever, I was away recently, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia, I was frantically changing £ to whatever.

Thanks for the useful tip.

That doesnt mean they might not convert the USD to GBP (at their bank’s rate). Make sure no conversion of that sort takes place.

It all depends :). During the weekend and holidays it is better to exchange funds beforehand, as Revolut’s exchange rate is higher at these times. Also, it will only take it from your GBP funds if it is your home currency and there are enough funds.

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more details about that:

Appreciate that.
Methinks i’ll Convert the exact amount first +$50.