One-time PIN codes with maximum spend limit

I’d love to be able to send a friend to the local shop with my Revolut card but currently a small inherent security hole exists.
I’d like to create a PIN that only works once and assign a maximum spend for the next (successful) transaction. This way I could make sure that only the desired amount is spent; and the card could only be used once.

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Have the friend open a revolut account instead. Even if revolut would allow what your suggesting I don’t think VISA/Mastercard rules would…


The scenario in which this feature would be useful couldn’t be solved with getting someone to open a Rev acct due to having to wait x days for a card to arrive.

Well, handing out your card and pin to a friend would normally be a breach of the contract you have with the bank, i doubt revolut looks at it differently?

If in a hurry you go yourself to the ATM. This is more of a security hole than a feature your asking for.