One question about ATM withdrawals limit


I have a question referring to ATM withdrawals limit.

I know that I can get free withdrawals up to 200€ per month.

I would like to ask if these € 200 per month means that they are € 200 every 30 days, or if I can take € 200 on June 30 and € 200 on July 1, because they are two different months.

Thanks in advance.


It works on a rolling month basis. E.g if you signed up on May 12th your “reset” date is the 12th of every month.

You can find more on:

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Thanks a lot.

It is a subscription month, not a rolling month. You described it correctly, but gave it the wrong name.

Trick 17 – as we say in Germany – I upgraded to Premium on 1.6. :blush:
I am traveling between July and August and I was having the same situation. I want to withdraw twice during these holidays.

Also: easier to remember and organize.