One person two Revolut accounts?



I have two phones with two numbers. I successfully signed up for a Revolut account on both phones. To be transparent I used the same government ID and the same email for verification. Verification was quick and succesful.

I’ve carefully read the General Terms and Conditions and didn’t see anything forbidding this. However, some other threads claim that this is against the rules and I’ll be blocked (but don’t cite sources).

Does anyone, possibly from Revolut able to tell whether I’m in the red here?

(What I’m trying to achieve: I collect the rent from my flatmates on this second Revolut account, and I pay the landlord and the utilities. I’d like these expenses and statements to be separated from my personal expenses)


Hey @Szak1 :slight_smile:

Clause 19.1.d (check also 19.4 for the consequences):


Thanks. Contacted support and they closed the secondary account.