One euro charged in my bank account


I list my bank extract (LaCaixa - Spain) and I hace two charges from Revolut. One is my first top up (10 euros) but I have ahother that I not recognize (1 euro).
In my Revolut account only has 4€ (I spend 6€ for order the physical card yesterday).

What is this charge? Anybody can help me?

Thanks a lot



What’s the merchant? Have you registered your card somewhere? Services like Netflix verify cards by blocking a small amount for a while. The pending transaction will revert itself.


Only appairs:

Revolut7042 -1,00€
Revolut2541 -10,00€

The second charge is correct, my first top up, but I don’t know the other charge.


Oh. You are not talking about charges from your Revolut account but your card you used for top-ups.

Same thing is true. It could be a pending transaction for verifying card details. You could ask your Spanish bank if it’s a pending transaction.


Ah ok! Sorry for my bad english!. The problem is in my spanish bank, not in my revolut account.
I will call my bank tomorrow for ask about this issue,
Thanks a lot.


You are welcome, Toni. I am relatively sure that the 1 EUR is just a pending transaction for verifying the card. Did it happen earlier than the top-up of the 10 EUR? That would be an indication for this.


Hi Frank
Yes, the charge appairs before the top-up. I think also that that this is a transaction for verify the card, but is not pending.
I think that Revolut refund me in a few of days.


@tonisc… I have had the same problem you had in the past. Did your bank return your 1€ back? Thanks in advance.



And also, did your bank return your 1€ back?