On wiring USD from a brain-dead US bank

I have an amusing story, with lessons that may assist others. My brother was trying to deposit USD in my Revolut account using the IBAN, SWIFT and reference number. The US cashier at 5/3rd Bank in Michigan has been at a loss for two days as to how to fill out an international wire form. She refused to accept my brother’s instruction because he could not provide an “account number” for the form. We kept saying that SWIFT uses IBAN. It was still “computer says no”.

My brother writes, “I walked out of the bank, when she couldn’t figure out how to use the whole IBAN. Then she called me while I was driving away. She had done some more reading of their instructions for international wire transfers. It said to use the whole IBAN number for the “account number” With that, the problem was solved.”

US banking is so backward. :scream: Revolut should have easy pickings when they start operating there, excepting that most Americans have no need for any currency than dollars, so the Revolut USP may have less appeal.

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To be fair though, she did continue to look into the issue. With most European banks you’d have been stuck with that charming “computer says no”.

This is under “Beneficiary Account” correct?

Anyone please