On waiting list for 4 months ...



Thank you for your reply.

The problem is not the waiting list per se. It’s the deceptive advertising.

The sign-up process is misrepresented to the user, who is then incentivized to divulge highly personal (and valuable) information.

I urge Revolut to abandon this abusive practice, as it destroys trust.


Just applied for a new business account, what’s the latest? Position #3516

I have been a personal user for Revolut for a while, pretty much when they launched. I have done around 20k on it over time. Decided I wanted to use them for currency accounts for my business as I have customers all over the world wanting to send payments to me at a minimal cost to both parties.

I’m not going to lie, I was annoyed to see that there was a waiting list to open an account, and then further so to find that it appears to take months!

So, has things improved? Can I expect an account to be opened within 14 days? And how does the trial period work, from the point of activation I assume as if it’s from the point of registration then it’s a bit of a joke!

I would love to move forward with Revolut having had such a good experience previously but this is business and time is money.

Update: I upgraded to Standard and I had my account created within 30 minutes of application. You have 14 days to revert to the basic account.


How do you find out your queue position? I can’t find it anywhere.

I sent my additional onboarding forms in via email a month ago. I have not heard anything back, chased for at least an update on what I can expect, but only got confused, canned responses.

The process seems very opaque and unaccountable, sort of like… any old bank.


It may have changed since the time I was waiting. Back then it was shown on the main/first page after logging in. Most likely my message and information from back then is no longer relevant (as it is now 4 months ago).
I do agree everything seems very opaque and old-bank-like. I guess some things never change. 🤷


Absurd, just signed up for Revolut for business and I am on spot 5373. I guess it won’t be this year when I actually get to use the service.


@shopoc our business on-boarding team will be able to review your application in a couple of business days.


Hey Oleksii, the onboarding team is terrible.

They do not accept UK LLP and instead ask for a LTD.

I would appreciate if you contact me via email!



Would you please contact me via email so that I can report issues I’ve had with the chat support regarding the sign up of a UK LLP with Revolut for business.


@shopoc I will request our on-boarding team to double check your application.


We just signed up for a business account, number 2583 in the list - do you know how long it will take to get processed?


Hello @domwph :wave: We have received a lot of new signups lately and we need to make sure all of them are being reviewed with the same level of attention. I am sure our onboarding team will do their best to check your application at their earliest convenience. It should take a couple of business days :spiral_calendar:
Kind regards,


Hi there,

I just signed up for business banking, my email says I am 5934 in the wait list but when I log in to the website it tells me 657. Why are there two (vastly) different numbers?



Hi @seany30 :wave:

Thank you for pointing this out! I will have our team look into the discrepancies between the email and the user’s portal.
As for the application itself, it seems that my colleague is already assisting you via business chat! We’re almost finished with the process but still require some more details to be provided :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hello Rovolut Team,

I have opened business account on 14th of May and been on waiting list 881, today 16th of May I am on 802. Can you give me some kind of estimate time of the my account will be fully functional?
I honestly require business account asap for my internet trade. I respect the fact that your company is very busy with new applications, but you have to understand your potential customers also, we have to have some kind of time scale so we can organise our business accordingly.

I would appreciate your early respond.

Kind Regards,


I thought i would be able to get onboard fast, because i really need to (in days). After seeing this thread my hopes are lost. Definitely will choose Transferwise on this…


I signed up two days ago and I was at number 44,328. I signed up a friend with my link to get bumped up in the que “14,816” places and I’m still at 44,328 with 115 people behind me.

Would the admin please correct this so I can utilize the service? I am conducting international business and traveling heavily. Currently downloaded the app from USA.


Scott G



I could not find your application in our system so please drop me a direct message if no one got back to you so far. Waiting for your feedback!



Hello, I am on the waiting list for 5 days now and my position didn’t move at all. I have joints in the UAE. Please let me know how long it would take. I need the Revolut account as soon as possible.

Is there a bug why the position doesn’t change?

Thank you


Just downloaded app and signed up, I am 15,950th on a list. It is only signing up, have not even applied for a card.
I heard so many good words about Revolut (going travelling in a few months, so wanted to sort my travel cards now), however, all this waiting list does look a bit dodgy and gives me a feeling that Revolut is not ready for big crowds.
Not sure if I want to leave my money here.