On waiting list for 4 months ...


Dear Revolut for Business,

I have requested the activation of the business account for our Auromoney Ltd company, 4 months ago.
Precisely at 14 June 2017. And I was in queue at 400° position.
Today, after 4 months, I am still in the queue at the position 351° !! It is possible?
I seems four months are very much to apply and verify a business account.
Please can you speed up the activation process of the business account?

Thanks and soon.


@AndreasK please help me.


Hey @Auromoney.

Sure - I’ve replied to your direct message.


This post is absolutely disheartening.

I registered for Revolut for Business and got queue place in 3rd thousand.
If the registrations are being processed at that pace or even 10 times that, that defeats the purpose.

I mean, am I now looking at onboarding in 2019 extrapolating from last 4 month of users experience ?


I’m the same boat, the waiting list just isn’t moving despite the fact that business customers are obviously far more lucrative than personal customers. It takes longer to KYC a business customer admittedly, but this is still pretty bad.


5 months later… they respond that my application was rejected due my working sector: investment gold.
Very well for a new bank declaring itself different from the old banks…


Not worth the wait clearly!


@auromoney - I am sorry we are not able to support you with your business but we have restrictions placed upon us that we cannot control.

We hope to be able to work together in the future.



@deb_shaw13 @_gp

Thank you for signing up to Revolut and sticking with us through the long queue - we have had huge demand for the product and our biggest constraint is scaling quick enough.

We hope to be able to onboard you soon.



Is there any indication that the on-boarding process will speed up soon? I’m willing to wait for an account as Revolut is my preferred account provider, but not 4 to 5 months!


@AshRolls thanks for your note - we are working through the waiting list as fast as we can (and scaling the team to cope with it too!).

We hope to be able to onboard you as soon as possible.

Thanks for choosing Revolut for Business and your patience in the meantime.



Same boat here. We applied several weeks ago and we where at 2802 in the Q, 3 weeks later and we are at 2890 in the Q!!!

Also having major issues with the email codes not arriving once we attempt to login, on one occasion an hour!

Not very impressed so far. My personal Revolut account was set up in about 2 days, its free. Mystified by the logic here.


It’s OK to have more applications than expected. What is not OK is failing to deal with the problem in a professional manner. Burning prospective business customers with a poor user experience is not smart at all.

These guys need to shut down new applications.


FWIW, I signed up a UK company about a week ago on the lowest tier plan (£25/mo), and was ~3,800 on the list.

Yesterday, I got a note saying I was set-up and ready to go.

Hang in there, guys. The list is clearing.


I just checked: I moved from position 750 3 months ago to 1,000+ today. Not sure what to say.


I also moved down about 100 places, before suddenly getting setup a couple of days back.

Maybe a Revolut team member can comment more specifically on what the ETAs and official ‘queue jumping’ policy is?


From my own experience of being in queue for several months, it seems this is what’s happening:

  • Your queue position is the order you get onboarded in.
  • People that upgrade to a higher price tier or invite at least 3 other companies, get to be placed in FRONT of the current “normal people” queue. This is what pushes your position down regularly.
  • Onboarding seems to happen slowly but at a steady rate, causing slow movements “up” in the queue.
  • Sending your onboarding data to support, seems to speed up the wait significantly. (e.g. they ask for certain paperwork “to prepare for onboarding soon” -> send the paperwork -> suddenly you are onboarded).

My waiting time was approx. 3-5 months or so before the account was ready. I signed up on the first day of availability. During most of that time, we hovered between queue position 300-1000, going up and down seemingly randomly. We were around 500 or so when the onboarding was suddenly done.


Thanks for the detailed reply - this was very useful.


Am I the only one to find this reprehensible?

I spent an hour collecting the documents and going through the registration form. In the process, I shared personal data with Revolut, including my name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card number, company name and passport number.

After all this, I discover that I was lied to. I was not, in fact, opening an account, but registering on a waiting list thousands of people long.

I’m a busy person, as I’m sure the Revolut team can understand. Further, I have timelines I need to respect. Lastly, I take my data-privacy seriously. How can I trust a bank after such a bait and switch?

Revolut, I was so excited about your product, but now I want out. How can I be removed from the waiting list?


Hey @lthibault

There is a high demand for Revolut for Business accounts, therefore there is a waiting list. Our on-boarding team is working as hard as they can to onboard as many businesses as possible, so your patience is appreciated! :pray:t2:

If you would like to cancel your application, please get in touch with our Business dedicated support on the website.