On the waiting list in home country but now I live abroad

Hi there,

I signed up to the app when I was in New Zealand (as I knew I was moving to Europe) and am on the wait list there, but now I’m resident in Spain and would like to change my account to my Spanish address and get started using Revolut. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,

Just create new account using European phone number, then ask support for cancellation your New Zealand’s account.

You have to contact :r: on the inapp chat.

Hi Redi,

I can’t access any of the app’s functionality while I’m on the waitlist. I can only log in.

I also created an account with my Spanish number and my NZ address so that may hurt me. Is there any way I can request the deletion of my NZ account from outside of the app?


Yeah but I can’t do that because in the app I can’t get past the waitlist…

Please try contact them via Twitter or Facebook.