On holiday can't log into app and can't receive SMS txt as I'm in a different country

I’m on holiday at moment. My boyfriend has lost his phone and his revolut card is not working. He tried logging in to the app on my phone but it sends a SMS txt to his phone. My revolut card is working fine but has I have now logged out of the app I can’t log back in without also receiving this SMS txt and as I’m in a different country my phone doesn’t work here so I can’t receiving the activation code. We want to know if there is any other way we can log in. I can’t check balance now on my card and he can’t access the money on his card

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I’ve never had a problem receiving SMS in another country.

Which provider are you with?

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I’m with three. We are from UK our network provider doesn’t work here in jamaica. I can use WhatsApp ect through WiFi but phonecalls or normal SMS will not work here for us

I’m on three - if you are using an iPhone (or some android phones), you can activate the three wifi calling - that lets you receive SMS too.


I had to download it but it says you have to be connected to three network in order to activate the app :frowning:

Great idea, but Three deliberately blocks inTouch when used from non-UK IP addresses, even if you had previously set it up while in the UK. Three told me that it does this deliberate geo-blocking in order to protect roaming revenue. But if it doesn’t provide roaming in a particular country or if it’s one of the 42 Feel-At-Home countries, then there’s no roaming revenue to protect!

However, according to Three’s web site, it does support roaming in Jamaica for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

Do they? Wow. Good job I have a VPN :slight_smile:

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if so a VPN would work.
never heard of a mobile provider not giving global roaming :open_mouth:
shame on 3

@FernandoMiguel - Three does provide global roaming, including in Jamaica, according to its web site (quoted above). But Three does deliberately block its VOIP-based connectivity from non-UK IP addresses.

if it does so, @Katievoyce should be able to get a sms token

Exactly. I think there’s some other problem. Three needs to investigate.

Hello @Katievoyce,

Did you manage to log in? Can we get in touch via direct message so that we can help you out?

This is an old thread, so apologies for the bump. When I’ve tried to log in to Revolut so far, it’s generally not sent through any SMS notifications (and Revolut for Business generally sends emails instead.) so this isn’t urgent, but I’m curious anyway.

I often swap out my UK SIM for a US SIM when I’m in the US. Is Revolut ‘tied’ to a phone number? What emergency options are there if a SIM can’t receive a txt (for whatever reason)? Can an app be installed on multiple phones, with different phone numbers?

A lot of the solutions here have suggested network-specific responses, which is great, but I’m curious what happens in a multi-device / multi-phone number scenario.

(FWIW, my use case is that I have a US T-Mobile domestic number for when I’m away on business.)

Yes, your phone number is your log in. And text messages sent to this phone number are used for 2 factor authentication. You can install the app and log in on multiple devices, but you need to log in with the phone number you used to set up your account with. For some things like adding new bank details for outgoing transfers or installing the app on a new device, you need access to text messages sent to your registered number.

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Gotcha, thanks @Frank.

For Revolut admins: Are there plans to add to this? In the age of multiple devices and international lifestyles, a single phone number is a little restrictive.