On Android, clicking on notifications opens the splash screen and gets stuck there


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable fingerprint authentication on you Android.
  2. Ask someone to send you money.
  3. Touch the notification

Expected result:
4. It should open the app and focus on the last transaction.

Current result:
4. It gets stuck on the Splash screen and nothing happens.


I get this, too.

Any notifications freezes the app, regardless of the app running already or not.


Same here, but I don’t have fingerprint auth enabled, just the pin login. Every single time there a notification and I click on it, the app gets stuck on the splash screen and I have to close and restart it.


I experience exactly the same issue, and I don’t have fingerprint authentication enabled.


Same for me and when the notification is not concerning a transaction but an announcement, there is no way to see what this announcement was about :frowning:
I’m using the Android version of Revolut


Same for me. I have an announcement pop up on my phone but cannot see the full message. If I click on it, it takes me to Revolut but there is no evidence of the message, so no idea what it says.


If you go into the support chat you can see all notifications there.


The support chat shows only the chat I’ve had with the Revolut support team but none of the announcement.


Same here, the app always gets stuck when I try to see where I spent money from the notification. Same with logging in.


Same, app doesn’t get stuck but when clicking on a notification message, takes me to login, after login then nowhere to find message, not shown in support chat. Android Samsung S6 latest os.


really frustrating… sometimes I have to leave the app, others use the PIN for it to work.

got a push notification this morning and lost it cause the app got stuck on the splash


Same thing here guys, exactly as you all mentioned before.


Yes, same thing as well.


Yep, getting this on Marshmallow. Latest version of the app.

You actually don’t have to touch the notification to go to the app, just clicking on the app itself after getting a notification will cause it too.


Also have this problem. Really annoying because there’s no way of restoring the notification :confused:


Bump, still happening on Android 5.1/CM12, latest Android (not tested on beta)