Old number - no access, change needed

Dar Revolut team,

I have moved countries and cancelled my old phone number. Problem is my revolut account is with my old number and I would need to switch it, however, I updated my app and cant access the chat app to trigger the change of number.

Can you urgently help on this topic??


Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Sure I can help, could you please drop me a direct message?

Hi AndreasK,

I cant find the option for direct message… Any chance you can message me directly? Thanks again for the support!

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Of course! Check your inbox :slight_smile:

@AndreasK Hello Same problem my phone was stolen and I have an other number could you please help me to change it in the app in order to log in ?

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Hi, could you please drop me a message too. Same issue here. Appreciate your help!


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Hello I can’t find how to send direct message please contact me directly

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Hi, I can’t find how to text you… Sorry. Could you tell me how to?

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Hi there. If you need help please send me a direct message. Go on my profile then press messages.


I have the same problem and cannot log onto my account…!

Any chance you could help me out with this?

Thanks !

Hey All :wave: There are a few fixes that can be tested when such happens:

  • How to change my phone number, I not longer have access :grey_question:

Very simple, try and follow the lost access to phone number route when launching the application :white_check_mark:

  • I cannot get the code sent to my old number but I am logged in. How to change the phone number :grey_question:

Please head on over to the in-app chat and a support agent will be more than happy to help you. Send the message “Live agent” to skip past the in-app chat bot, Rita :white_check_mark:

  • I have tried everything and nothing is working. Errors keep coming up. How do I contact Revolut :grey_question:

You can reach out to the social media team via Twitter :bird: Or Facebook​ :bust_in_silhouette:. Be sure to be patient as they may have a lot of request but will do there best to help. This is a last resort and do try everything before.

Heads up: on :bird: You will need to tag Revolut in a mention but on :bust_in_silhouette: You can head right on over to DMs. Be sure to outline your issue so that help can be given as soon as possible.

Please also note that it is important to keep your phone number up to date with the one you currently have access to and to not forget what phone number you have linked to your account as this is needed to log in :ok_hand:

We hope this has helped

I changed phone number and i dont have access To this number anymore
Could you help me To reconnect To my account with my new phone number please