Ok to use in Denmark


Hi all! Off to Denmark later this week and wanted to double check the card is OK to use in Denmark… Ps, I love Revolut, some people just don’t know what they are missing out on!!


Yes, it works in Denmark. I had a couple of issues with transactions at cash machines and petrol stations being declined, but I’ve had similar in other countries, so I don’t think that’s specific to Revolut, more to do with the type of card. (So, always have a back-up payment method, just in case.)


I spent a week in Denmark at the beginning of August and used my Revolut Card quite a few times in supermarkets and cafés without problem.
Went to a couple of restaurants while I was there that did not accept Mastercard - paid in euros in one restaurant (at a very unfavourable exchange rate :unamused: ) and nipped off to a nearby ATM for some DKK to pay for the meal at the second restaurant :slight_smile: .

@Paul - Having a backup method of payment is deffo a good idea :+1:



Did you use the card to withdraw money from an ATM and are there any fees for this kind of transaction?

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