OFX/QFX formats when exporting transaction history


It would be very useful for accounting software to track spending to be able to export transaction histories in OFX/QFX formats. Currently exporting to CSV is nice but requires some altering before transactions can be successfully imported.

Considering Revolut is trying to appeal to the business market, this would be a feature a lot of accounting departments would appreciate having.


@chorougu I support your idea. It would very useful to be able to export data in OFX or QIF.
However, how did you manage to export data in csv ?


I’ve exported as CSV, but i need to change the file to import to my budgeting software, which is a hassle…
QIF would be very welcome! :slight_smile:


+1 for QIF exports - having to convert it to QIF myself for my budgeting software is a real pain