Offline card payments/deposits debit card

Since Revolut issues in most countries a MasterCard/Visa debit card and some of us want or already use Revolut as main bank and their cards, I think it might be handy to have a topic where we can mention which companies support (or not) offline transactions and accept the card for deposits (car rentals).

My experience back in 2019 with the Thalys was that they did support Revolut debit cards.
A friend of mine confirmed that Revolut was accepted with Sixt for the deposit last summer.

In the next few weeks I will fly with EasyJet and Vueling and try to do a in flight purchase (which should be offline I hope) to see if those airline accepts Revolut.

But if you have experiences with airlines that support offline payments with Revolut or car rental companies/hotels feel free to share this so other users can take advantage of that knowledge :wink: .


It’s critical to check the rental agreement. Most car rentals will now accept debit cards for small and medium sized cars but insist on credit cards for more expensive types. It also depends on the country. A Sixt station in the US most likely has different rules than one in Germany. While it’s useful to know that other users were able to use Revolut for a deposit with Sixt, it’s not possible to draw the general conclusion that it would work for everyone.

The best advice here is: check the details of the rental agreement. Major rental companies will tell you before making a reservation if debit cards are accepted for the specific car that you might want to rent.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for explaining, I thought that car rental companies would have similar rules but indeed it depends on the country/region.

Maybe other users could share their experiences here with car rentals and hotels in several countries and offline payments with airlines so other customers could have an indication on whether to use Revolut or another card.

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