Off to Slovakia -how to withdraw?

Hi I’m off to Slovakia For holiday over Easter have just ordered my revolut card and have few questions…

How do I withdraw the money when over there will I be charged? Me and my partner both want the currency in our hands rather than have to pay via the cardeverywhere .

Do I top up card with how much I want and then exchange to euros via app prior to traveling? I.e top up card with £800 then Change to euros via app ?

Thank you in advance so confused !

It does not really matter much if you exchange beforehand or not. Keep in mind though that any withdrawal or exchange on weekends will comes at a more expensive rate. You will also pay additional for each withdrawal after having withdrawn 200 euro.

Oh I see so i cant withdraw the full £800 in Slovakia without being charged ? Is there not a way to withdraw without being charged ?

Yes. Use your card as much as possible. Always pay in local currency.

If you want cash, not really. You can double the 200 limit by signing up for a premium account but that is a yearly contract (even if you sign up only for monthly payments).

The alternative would be to minimise cash by mostly using the card - as Rona mentioned.

It is 2% charge after £200 is taken out so 2% charge on £600 will be £12 charge correct if I withdraw full £800?

My advice would be

  • change sterling to euros before you go to avoid weekend markup
  • use card for purchases as much as you can
  • always opt to pay in local currency to avoid local bank fleecing you on exchange rate
  • read FAQ,s and an ensure you have complied with verification procedures if appropriate
  • have a backup card option just in case

And yes, your 2% calculation is correct

When I click on verification nothing comes up ?

Hello there, this is probably a bit off topic but I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pay with your card unless you’ve got your own. You can pay with card pretty much everywhere in Slovakia the problem may lie in some local restaurants. Feel free to ask me any more questions if you wish.

Because me and my partner like to have cash and as we are going over Easter period will be Easter Markets etc which of course won’t take card.

Hi again so we are travelling to Slovakia mid of next week so I need to transfer £ onto revolut card now and exchange to euros before I travel and then once get in the country I want to withdraw half from an ATM

Not sure what your question is :slight_smile:

Morning all
Im going to Hungary over the weekend. I have exchanged from GBP to HUF on my revolut app. When i withdraw in Budapest what is the procedure to avoid any charges?



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Stay within your withdrawal limit and avoid ATMs which charge you.

many thanks for your quick reply

Have topped up revolut and exchanged to euros so will take tske out £200 when I get there fee free then use card tic makecinstore purchased is this correct