Obtaining statement in pdf format


I can share a statement via Gmail using a csv format but not a pdf. The app produces a viewable pdf but when I want to save it it comes up with printing options and then sometimes freezes.


Hi @Spainrich,

Let me say that this is not a bug. You can download a pdf file and then from your phone you can send it via email. However, from the app you can only send a statement via email in CSV format.


Hi Andreas,

I choose the pdf option and the statement appears OK. But when I hit the
’save as pdf’ option nothing is saved to my DOWNLOADS or my FILES folder.
Is it being stored somewhere Else?



Yes, unfortunately, this is a bug, which we are aware and working on it.


AndreasK did you manage to sort out the bug with the statements?



It works for me. After you prepare pdf file, first you enable internal storage (use 3 dots from top corner), then you switch the file save location between Google Drive and the internal storage of your phone. After that the “Save” button should become active.


I still can’t save the statement pdf file. When I pick “save to pdf”, the app looks for printers. If I pick green icon with pdf symbol, the app says something like " first assign documents/settings/installed programs". I’m on android 5 by the way.