NZD account to EU based non EUR account


I am new here and want to make sure im not messing up things. So here is my question:

I live in Romania (EU country without EUR currency but national currency RON). I have national bank accounts opened both in EUR and in RON.

I will be working for 3 months in New Zealand and i will be paid in a NZD account in NZD currency opened in a New Zealand bank with debit card attached.

I have opened accounts within my Revolut account in the following currencies: EUR, RON, NZD (the base currency being EUR).

  1. can i top up my NZD Revolut account using the NZ Bank issued debit card and if yes what fees i may be charged?

  2. once my NZD Revolut account has money in it can i transfer those money into my EUR or RON Revolut account (s) and if yes what fees i may be charged?

  3. once the money reached my EUR or RON Revolut account (s) can i transfer them into my Romanisn Bank EUR or RON account and if yes what fees I may be charged?

(I do not have a RevolutCard and may not apply for one yet)
Thank you


Hello there @Cos :slight_smile:

Yes :wink:

As long as you’re topping up with a debit card and not in USD, :r: will not charge you anything. Your NZ bank shouldn’t charge you either, but… Ask first.

Yes, of course :smiley:
And at the interbank rate (with a small markup during weekends)

None. You enjoy FX without fees at the live market rate (business days) up to £5,000/ €6,000/ Fr6,000/ 20,000zl (or currency equivalent) per month :star_struck:

Sure you can :smile:

Check this:

Long story short: read the FAQs, all of your questions were answered there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there’s any other doubt you have, just answer again :blush:


Thank you very much! All clear!
I did read the FAQ but spelling out my particular issues was meant to double check and eliminate mixups. I am sure the FAQ writers tried to be comprehensive but never hurts asking beforehand; def better than crying afterwards
Thank you again for taking your time in answering!


You’re welcome @Cos :slight_smile:

I believe everything I said was correct, but hey, if it’s not I’m sure someone will come and say so :stuck_out_tongue:


Question creeps in again:
Trying to top up NZD Revolut account by using NZ issued NZD currency debit card. Since in the ‘other’ tab i don’t have the NZD option i can only choose, let’s say, the amount in EUR. In this case there is no point/way to top up NZD Revolut account but rather the EUR account yet i suspect, in this case, the NZD to EUR conversion is not made by revolut, am i correct? If so there isn’t a benefit in my case as i cannot top up by card for free…
Or am i missing something?


Oops, @cos, you’re right! :sleepy:

If you make a bank transfer in NZD to :r: (in NZD), the top-up might be free of cost you money (more likely), but the fee is hard to anticipate…